Wolfram Kicks Off Haas Articles on Bloomberg

With her opinion article appearing today, Associate Professor Catherine Wolfram becomes the first of eight faculty members to regularly contribute to Bloomberg “Business Class,” a special feature in the editorial opinion section of the Bloomberg website.

Bloomberg invited the Haas School to be the only West Coast business school to contribute to the new feature.

Wolfram's article, titled “Rising Middle Class Fuels Global Energy Surge,“ examines the rise of middle-class energy consumption in emerging economies, and its impact on energy costs around the world. Wolfram is co-director of the Energy Institute at Haas.

The inaugural Berkeley-Haas lineup also includes professors Severin Borenstein, Jennifer Chatman, Clayton Critcher Dwight Jaffee, Zsolt Katona, Gregory LaBlanc, and Professor Emeritus David Aaker. The group represents a broad area of topics: energy, finance, real estate, management, and marketing. Their opinion articles will reach Bloomberg readers as well as subscribers to the Bloomberg Terminal, the real-time markets data system used by finance professionals.

The purpose of Bloomberg Business Class is to showcase insights from top business academics.

Are you a faculty member who would like to contribute an opinion piece to Bloomberg Business Class? Please contact Pamela Tom, media relations manager: [email protected].