Past Issues

Welcome to the digital version of Berkeley Haas and its predecessor, CalBusiness, the alumni magazines of the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.

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The Dean of the Year Issue

  • Top of Her Game: Ann Harrison Honored as Dean of the Year by Poets & Quants.
  • Augmented Intelligence: The generative AI revolution is already happening in the workplace—and it looks nothing like you’d expect.
  • Wayfinders : The Haas connections that help alumni reimagine business.

The 125th Anniversary Issue

  • Points of Pride: Moments showcasing Haas’ pioneering impact on the business world.
  • What’s the Big Idea?: Revolutionary findings by Haas faculty that have advanced business.
  • Future Sense: Spotting prescient ideas.

The Evolution of Work Issue

  • Work in Progress: Haas experts on what to expect in the ever-evolving arena of work.
  • Out of the Blues: Haas alumni work to destigmatize mental illness and improve well-being.
  • Advising Germany: Professor Ulrike Malmendier discusses her role as a top economic expert in Europe.

The Public Service Issue

  • Degree of Freedom: With the biggest gift in Haas’ history, real estate legend Ned Spieker, BS 66, has transformed the undergraduate experience for generations to come.
  • Mission Critical: Andy Kurtzig, BS 94, leads his Ukrainian employees amid an unrelenting war.
  • Going Public: Haas Alumni Take On Civic Leadership.
  • Outside of the Box: Stay on top of your business game with the latest from Haas classrooms.

The Decision-Making Issue

  • Clouded Judgment: Haas researchers delve into the science of why we make the decisions we do.
  • Second Acts: Haas alumni model versions of retirement worth saving for.
  • Tour de Force: Alvaro Silberstein, MBA 17, helps those with disabilities navigate the world.

The Intrapreneurship Issue

  • Inside Edge: The Haas influence on corporate innovation.
  • Wish You Were Here: Evolving your company culture for the new world of work.
  • Defying Expectations: HubSpot CEO Yamini Rangan, MBA 03, embraces the unexpected.

The Sustainability Issue

  • Flex Benefits: New cohort widens access to the Berkeley MBA.
  • Big Business: Haas alumni innovate to help solve climate crisis.
  • Meal Plans: Rethinking food from the ground up.

The Summer Olympics Issue

  • Passing the Torch: The lives of Haas Summer Olympians.
  • Money Moves: Haas alumni ride the wave of fintech revolution.
  • Mixed Signals: Ten things managers should know about nonverbal behavior.

The Healthcare Issue

  • National Treasures: Haas economists manage nation’s finances.
  • Health Influencers: Haas alumni accelerate healthcare’s future.
  • The Font Detective: Thomas Phinney, MBA 03, uncovers forgeries and solves modern-day crimes.

The Space Issue

  • Space, Reimagined: Haas alumni rethink our physical world.
  • The Perfect Plan: Pro golfer Collin Morikawa, BS 19, won the 2020 PGA Championship in his first-ever attempt thanks in part to a business strategy born at Berkeley Haas.
  • Finding Serendipity: Photographer Andrew Kung, BS 13, captures the stories of overlooked communities.

The Pandemic Leadership Issue

  • Leadership for a New Era: Haas alumni shine amid our changing world.
  • Shifting Careers: Practiced career-switcher Karen Hayes, MBA 01, offers advice for altering your work trajectory.
  • A Man of Transaction: Celebrating Nobel Prize-winning economist Oliver Williamson.
  • Women of Influence: 150 Years of Women at Berkeley.

The Global Innovation Hubs Issue

  • Silicon World: Far from the Bay Area, Haas alumni create emerging tech and innovation hubs.
  • Living the Dream: Matthew Wangeman, BS 92, wants to change how you think about disability.
  • Detangling the Mystery: Haas and Berkeley alumni are at the forefront of the fight against Lyme Disease.

The Crusaders for Open Science Issue

  • How We’re Duped by Data: Haas faculty lead movement to restore faith in science.
  • Real Estate Prophet: Lifetime Achievement Award winner Constance Moore, MBA 80, is a master at turning properties into big revenue.
  • Conscientious Connector: Fair Trade USA founder and CEO Paul Rice, MBA 96, Haas’ Leading Through Innovation Award winner, creates positive social and environmental change for everyone along a supply chain.

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Issue

  • All In: The path to a diverse and inclusive Haas.
  • Nation Building: Matthew Wadhwani, MBA 13, is changing the game for the Puyallup Tribe of Indians.
  • Managing Z: Are you ready for the new generation of employees just entering the workforce?

The New Dean Issue

  • Choreographing Haas’ Future: New Dean Ann Harrison outlines her plans to advance Haas.
  • The Prejudice of Algorithms: Statistical discrimination has replaced human prejudice in lending, Haas study finds.
  • Second in Command: Eleni Kounalakis, MBA 92, elected CA’s 50th Lt. Governor.

The Question the Status Quo Issue

  • Fearless Woman of Wall Street: With keen business acumen and a focus on personal engagement, Margo Alexander, BS 68, blazed a trail for women in the financial services industry.
  • Advertising Maverick: TubeMogul Co-Founder Brett Wilson, MBA 07, revolutionized digital advertising by making it more simple, accountable, and transparent.
  • Dreaming of the Stars: Frank Bunger, MBA 18, aims to send tourists into space.
  • The Enduring Effects of Affirmative Action: Controversy aside, federal affirmative action has had lasting impact on black employment.

The Blockchain Issue

  • A New Internet: How Berkeley Haas is accelerating blockchain’s potential.
  • Smooth Segues: A letter from Interim Dean Laura D’Andrea Tyson.
  • Happy 120th Birthday, Berkeley Haas!: A handful of moments showcasing the longevity of Berkeley Haas’ distinctive character.

The Dean Rich Lyons Issue

  • Leading with Soul and Purpose: Berkeley Haas culture champion Rich Lyons, BS 82, completes his tenure as dean.
  • Vibrancy on View: The transparent design of Connie & Kevin Chou Hall showcases the creative energy of Berkeley Haas.
  • Why is Gender Equality So Hard to Achieve? Closing the gap may require a shift in mindset, says Prof. Laura Kray.

The Pioneering Ideas Issue

  • The Alchemist of Innovation Management: Knowledge-management pioneer Ikujiro Nonaka, MBA 68, PhD 72, has transformed how people drive innovation together.
  • Mapping the Future: John Hanke, MBA 96, alters how we interact with the world, creating cultural phenomena.
  • Strategic Thinker: A pioneer in strategic management, Prof. Emeritus Raymond Miles defined human resource management styles taught today.

The Berkeley Leader Issue

  • An Intellectual Revolution: Berkeley Haas marks the 30-year milestone of trailblazing the discipline of behavioral economics.
  • The Berkeley Advantage: Berkeley Leaders challenge convention, offering new thinking for the new economy.
  • Rethinking Education: Online education pioneer John “Jack” Larson, BS 73, supports budding business leaders and data scientists.

The New Building Issue

  • The Gift of Transformation: Building donors Kevin Chou, BS 02, and Dr. Connie Chen want their gift to honor the public mission of UC Berkeley and to provide educational access to all students.
  • Community Driven: The vision of Ned Spieker, BS 66, made Haas’ new building a reality. He is one of five founding donors who led the way for it to be completely privately funded.
  • What’s Blocking Gender Equality?: A UN report co-authored by Haas Prof. Laura Tyson offers a business case for inclusive economic growth.

The Beyond Yourself Issue

  • Builders of Dreams: Business Leaders of the Year Susan Chamberlin, MBA 87, and her husband, Steve, spent years planning new structures and cityscapes. Now they’re redesigning the world of public education.
  • A Healthy Success: Leading Through Innovation winner Albert Lee, MBA 04, co-founder of MyFitnessPal, makes it easy for millions to lead healthier lives.
  • Lessons from Everest: For mountaineering and workplace teams, cooperation may be a dangerous symptom of groupthink, says Prof. Jennifer Chatman, PhD 88.

The Collaboration Issue

  • Closer Than Ever: Berkeley Haas and the College of Engineering team up to offer a new Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology undergrad program.
  • Building a Cross-Sector Career: Widen the types of organizations you join to lead a more satisfying professional life.
  • Teams That Work: Startups co-founded by Berkeley business and engineering alumni illustrate the value of cross-disciplinary collaborations.

The Public Policy Issue

  • The Blossoming of Public Policy: Dean Rich Lyons on why the thought leadership of Berkeley Haas faculty is needed
  • Advising Norway: Haas Prof. Richard Stanton suggests opportunities for the world’s largest government-owned investment fund

The Confidence Without Attitude Issue

  • Modern Branding: Berkeley Haas’ marketing maestro reflects on past and future branding trends
  • Progress in a Bold Quest: Haas’ Business Leader of the Year Joseph Jimenez, MBA 84, the CEO of Novartis, has taken special aim at cancer
  • Dream Makers: Danae Ringelmann and Eric Schell, MBA 08s, revolutionize the crowdfunding industry

The Defining Leadership Principles Issue

  • The Ripple Effect of Culture: It’s been five years since Berkeley Haas launched its Defining Leadership Principles

The Energy Issue

  • Mastering Energy: The Energy Institute at Haas
  • Haas Fast-Forward: Construction has begun on Berkeley Haas’ six-story, 80,000-square-foot North Academic Building

The Question the Status Quo Issue

  • Green Power Player: Stuart Bernstein, BS 86, shakes up investment banking
  • Travel Forecaster: Travel Forecaster The ingenuity of the late Ralph Bahna, MBA 65, helped the travel industry evolve
  • An Enduring Love for Cal: Earl F. Cheit impacted Berkeley Haas and management education in profound and lasting ways

The Faculty Issue

  • Faculty Rock Stars: Meet professors Ulrike Malmendier and Toby Stuart
  • What’s Next: The class of 2014 reflects on post-graduate plans and their biggest takeaways from Haas
  • Going Public: Two companies led by Haas alumni set their sights on the public markets

The Social Impact Issue

  • Empowering Business & Social Impact: A new institute at Haas is rethinking the role of business in society
  • The Plato & Newton of Branding: How David Aaker has reshaped the universe of marketing

The Family Issue

  • Family of Philanthropists: Douglas E. Goldman carries on a long tradition of giving
  • Expanding the Menu: Two MBA 06 alumnae lead Revolution Foods through exponential growth
  • Real Estate Up Close: Prof. Nancy Wallace opens a new Big Data lab to build better indices

The International Issue

  • Far-Flung Leaders: Business on a global scale opens the door to extraordinary careers
  • OB Game Changer: Prof. Barry Staw’s far-reaching influence in organizational behavior

The Entrepreneurship Issue

  • Goodbye Business Plan, Hello Lean LaunchPad: Rewriting the rules of entrepreneurship
  • Building a Startup Ecosystem: Q&A with Lester Center Faculty Director Toby Stuart
  • Get Out of the Building: Haas Lecturer Steve Blank pioneers a new model for teaching entrepreneurship
  • Risk Takers: Haas entrepreneurs and VCs share insights on navigating risk
  • The Accidental Spy: Alum Kenneth Taylor plays a major role in the Iran hostage crisis and the Oscar-winning movie Argo

The Leadership Issue

  • A Force at the Fed: Vice Chair and Haas Prof. Emeritus Janet Yellen
  • Audacious Mission in Africa: Patrick Awuah, MBA 99
  • At the Forefront of Finance: Prof. Mark Rubinstein

The Culture Issue

  • How Haas’ Defining Leadership Principles are sparking change at the school.
  • Win-Win: Haas athletes apply lessons from the field of sports to the world of business.
  • Wicked Solutions: Senior Lecturer Sara Beckman’s unique Problem Finding, Problem Solving course.
  • Culture Club: Three alumni help foster their companies’ unique cultures.

The Food Issue

  • John Foraker, MBA 94, leads Annie’s beyond the kids’ menu to an IPO.
  • The Future of Food
  • LA Chef Eric Greenspan reinvents an American Class
  • Haas in the Wine Country
  • Henry Chesbrough on Open Services Innovation
  • Your Haas Network
  • Life Saver: Haas connections in the MBA class of 2008 help prevent the death of a baby boy.
  • Your Haas Network
  • Outside the Classroom: Haas expands experiential learning to build innovative leaders.
  • Your Haas Network
  • Hardly Strictly Business: Cal Alum Warren Hellman Plays to His Own Tune in Investing, Philanthropy
  • Your Haas Network
  • Breaking Through: How Three Alumnae Blazed Their Own Ways to Success
  • Your Haas Network
  • Nobel Achiever: How Oliver Williamson revolutionized the way economists look at organizations.
  • Your Haas Network
  • Business Beyond Borders: Richard C. Blum, BS 58, MBA 59, is the recipient of the Haas School’s 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Your Haas Network
  • Setting a New Direction: Dean Rich Lyons on the Haas School’s distinctive approach to developing leaders
  • Your Haas Network
  • The Future of the Economy: Five Haas Experts Propose Solutions for the Current Crisis
  • Your Haas Network
  • Top Acrobat at Adobe: CEO Shantanu Narayen, MBA 93
  • Your Haas Network
  • Dean Tom Campbell: Business as a Noble Pursuit
  • Your Haas Network
  • Business Leader of the Year: Barbara Desoer
  • Your Haas Network
  • Transforming Markets
  • Your Haas Network
  • The Quiet Revolutionary: Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel
  • An Innovative Mindset
  • Business Leader of the Year: Barclay Simpson
  • Your Haas Network
  • Leveraging the Power of Two
  • Your Haas Network
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Haas School Recognizes A.W. “Tom” Clausen
  • The Politics of Energy in California
  • Applying Rocket Science to Business Decisions
  • Learning by Doing: Real-life projects Prepare Students
  • A Matter of Business: Williams-Sonoma’s Howard Lester
  • Beyond Dot-Com: The Marriage Between Business and Engineering
  • Haas Undergraduates Mean Business
  • Returning the Gift of Education
  • Wireless & Global
  • Bricks and Mortar Boards
  • Former Congressman Tom Campbell Named Dean of the Haas School
  • Learning from the Boom: Five Lessons From the 90s
  • Building a Legacy
  • Keep it Simple, Marketer!
  • The Tyson Years