Students Chill in Cheit With New A/C

Just in time for another heat wave, the Haas School has completed its air conditioning project in Cheit Hall.

As the thermometer reached the high 70s in Berkeley today, the new A/C delivered a refreshingly cool reprieve to students and faculty in Cheit Hall.

"I have actually noticed it is definitely a little bit cooler," said Nick Gothe, BS 13, who had a class in Cheit Hall Monday morning. "It's still a little stuffy,  but it's not nearly as bad as in the summer. It was a good idea to add [the air conditioning]."

The Cheit air conditioning project is part of the school's strategic plan to "Transform the Haas Campus." In December, Haas will break ground on another project in its strategic plan that involves remodeling the Haas courtyard. The goal is to make the courtyard a more inviting and useable hub where students, faculty, and visitors from across campus and beyond can mingle, socialize, and share ideas.

Updates and information on these projects will be available on the Haas School Strategic Plan website: The school also will be emailing brief weekly construction updates to faculty, staff, and students. Questions or concerns can be emailed to [email protected].