Prof. David Vogel Wins Academy of Management Book Award

Professor David Vogel has won the Academy of Management Organization and the Natural Environment Division Book Award for his book The Politics of Precaution: Regulating Health, Safety, and Environmental Risks in Europe and the United States.

In The Politics of Precaution (Princeton University Press, April 2012), Vogel argues that there has been an overall shift towards greater regulation to manage risk in Europe than in the United States in the last five decades. Vogel, who holds the Soloman P. Lee Chair in Business Ethics at Haas, examined case studies and risk regulation over this period and found regulations–once more stringent in America–have become less comprehensive and innovative than those in Europe since that time.

One of the Academy of Management judges called Vogel's book an "excellent historical explanation of what happened to environmental, social, and health regulation in U.S. and rest of world in last 40 years.” Another wrote, "Vogel brings an in-depth knowledge about the issue. I truly enjoyed reading this book. This is excellent scholarship.”

Vogel's award was announced at the Organization and the Natural Environment Division Business Meeting during the annual Academy of Management Conference earlier this month. The academy judged entries for the award on four criteria: originality of substance and approach; significance for scholarly policy debate in the field; rigor in approach and analysis; and readability.

Vogel, the author of 15 books, has been at the forefront of research on corporate social responsibility throughout an academic career that spans nearly four decades. He has been a faculty member at Berkeley’s business school since 1973 and editor of the school’s journal, California Management Review, since 1982.

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