Eight New Professors Join Haas

Haas is welcoming eight new faculty members whose research spans six different fields, including seven assistant professors and Associate Professor Don Moore, a visiting professor here since 2008.

As associate dean for academic affairs, Haas Professor Ganesh Iyer led the effort to staff a wide range of academic groups. "I congratulate Ganesh on his amazing work recruiting so many top-tier faculty in a single year and continuing our tradition of research and teaching excellence," says Dean Rich Lyons.

Here is some background on each new faculty member:

Don Moore
Haas Management of Organizations Group

PhD in organizational behavior from Northwestern University
Former Position: Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Research Focus: Overconfidence, bargaining and negotiations, comparative judgment, business ethics

“I study overconfidence. Sometimes, overconfidence leads people to think they are better than they are. Sometimes they just think they are better than others. And all too often, people are too sure they know the truth. These common errors can have profound consequences for people's decisions, for the organizations in which they work, and for the markets in which they operate.

In my free time, I enjoy camping, skiing, and rock climbing, all with an appropriate degree of prudence. I am married and have two sons, who do not always share my prudence!”

Ned Augenblick
Haas Economic Analysis and Policy Group

PhD in economics from Stanford University
Research Focus: Theoretical and empirical analysis of online markets

“Recently I’ve been studying the Amazon Mechanical Turk, an online job market for very small and repetitive jobs. I hope to continue to use new technology to observe and understand online interactions in different markets. Off campus, I enjoy backpacking, climbing, and skiing, and am very excited to be able to continue to live in the Bay Area.”

Clayton Critcher
Haas Marketing Group

PhD in social and personality psychology from Cornell University
Research Focus: Consumer behavior, judgment, and decision-making

“I am an experimentalist who studies psychology and consumer behavior, frequently looking to real-world concerns to motivate basic research. My recent research has included studies of public skepticism toward global warming, the influence of mind wandering on consumers’ sense of satisfaction, and the unintended negative consequences of the military’s 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' policy. When not at the office, you’ll find me on a racquetball court or in a coffee shop."

Pnina Feldman
Haas Operations and Information Technology Management Group

PhD in operations management from University of Pennsylvania
Research Focus: Operations management with strategic consumers, pricing and revenue management

“My work explores the implications of rational consumer purchasing behavior on firms' pricing decisions, with applications in retail and services — an interdisciplinary topic that blends aspects of the operations management, marketing, and economics fields. I’m also interested in how firms can strategically use the negotiation process to achieve goals other than reaching a potential agreement. I am an avid proponent of independent films and innovative theater. I also try very hard not to miss any Maccabi Haifa game (my favorite Israeli soccer team)."

Ming Leung
Haas Management of Organizations Group

PhD in business administration/organizational behavior from Stanford University
Research Focus: Organizational behavior and economic sociology

“I’m interested in the effects of social categorization processes on market participants. Currently I’m studying how these dynamics affect transactions of small businesses and freelancers in an online market context. I love travelling and cooking French provincial, Chinese, and Italian cuisines. My wife and I live in Berkeley with our baby son.”

Minjung Park
Haas Marketing Group

PhD in economics from Stanford University
Former Position: Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Research Focus: Industrial organization, marketing, microeconometrics

“My main research interest lies in firm behavior in a competitive marketplace and various strategies used by firms to attain the competitive edge. I employ structural models to analyze how firms respond to institutional and market incentives and how the strategic interactions influence market structure and consumer welfare. I received my PhD in economics from Stanford and am excited to be back to the Bay Area. I am looking forward to doing the Bay to Breakers 12k and Nike Women's Marathon again.”

Panos Patatoukas
Haas Accounting Group

PhD in accounting and finance from Yale University
Research Focus: Accounting and finance

“My PhD dissertation adopts a new integrative perspective on linkages among firms that calls for a joint exploration of elements of accounting, finance, marketing, and operations research. In recognition of the interdisciplinary nature of my research, the American Accounting Association Northeast Region awarded me its 2009 Best PhD Student Paper Award. My extracurricular activities include Capoeira and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.”

Noam Yuchtman
Haas Business and Public Policy Group

PhD in economics from Harvard University
Research Focus: Economic history and labor economics

"My work focuses on legal and educational institutions and their role, combined with human capital, in structuring labor market activity and promoting economic growth and development. When I'm not reading history books or fiction, I love to run — and will especially love to run in the Bay Area between November and March, when I would have been stuck on a treadmill in New England."