67 Faculty Members Make “Club 6” for Fall Teaching

Students gave 67 faculty members, or about 47 percent of all instructors, a mean teaching score of at least six on a seven-point scale during the fall 2011 semester.

The "Club 6" ranking, based on written evaluations from students in all degree programs, is a key metric used by Haas to assess its performance as an institution of higher learning.
Of the Club 6 instructors, six had means of at least 6 in multiple courses, according to Jay Stowsky, senior assistant dean for instruction. Six faculty members also made "Club 6" in multiple programs in the fall:
  • Eduardo Andrade (MBA 260-1 Customer Insights, PHD 269A-1 Seminar in Marketing: Buyer Behavior)
  • Leif Nelson (EWMBA & MBA 261-1 Marketing Research: Tools and Techniques for Data Collection and Analysis)
  • Holly Schroth (EWMBA 252-1 & UG 152 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution)
  • Frank Schultz (EWMBA 257-11 Advanced Leadership, UG 115-1 Competitive Strategy)
  • Sarah Tasker (EWMBA & MBA 236G Designing Financial Models that Work)
  • Cort Worthington (MBA 200C Leadership Communication, UG 196-5 Improvisational Leadership)
For a comprehensive list of the Club 6 scores, visit ssl.haas.berkeley.edu/groups/AcademicAffairs/instruction/
instruction_02.html (Haas login required).