Haas Gear Store Reopens with New Products

The Haas Gear store is reopening today, May 7, with a new design and new products, which also are available online at haasgear.com.

A longtime Haas vendor, Aviva Design, is taking over operations of the store at Haas in room S545A from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. A grand opening event is being planned for early fall.

The store features new design and apparel options with many more new products on the way. 

Yonka and Chris Hristov, the owners of Aviva Design, have worked with Haas Gear for the past 14 years, providing the majority of our merchandise and apparel designs.  In addition to Berkeley Haas, they have worked for such clients as Google, the Novato Fire Department, and the TESORO group.  They can be reached at [email protected], or at 642-7168.