Haas Achieves High Marks in International Rankings

Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking

The Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA Program ranked #4 among EMBA programs in the US and #13 worldwide, according to a ranking published by the Financial Times on Oct. 19.

The program also ranked #3 worldwide in terms of graduates having achieved their goals. The combined research of the Haas School and Columbia Business School faculties ranked #6 in the world.

Last year, the Berkeley-Columbia Program ranked #3 in the US and #16 worldwide.

The ranking is based on a survey of EMBA alumni of the class of 2006 and on data submitted by participating schools, with alumni responses accounting for 55 percent and faculty research accounting for 10 percent of the final ranking.

The full report is available at http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/emba-rankings.

Beyond Grey Pinstripes

The Haas School ranked #6 in the world in the Aspen Institute’s Beyond Grey Pinstripes ranking, which seeks to evaluate schools based on their full-time MBA teaching and faculty research in social and environmental management.

The Beyond Grey Pinstripes ranking is based on data supplied by participating schools on relevant coursework, student exposure, for-profit impact, and related research. Specifically Haas ranked:

  • #7 for availability of relevant coursework, which counts the number of courses offered that contain social, environmental or ethical content;
  • #31 in student exposure, which measures teaching hours and student enrollment in these courses;
  • #5 in for-profit impact, which counts the number of courses that not only demonstrate their relevance to the survey, but specifically address the intersection of social and environmental issues in mainstream, for-profit business; and
  • #4 in research, which counts the number of scholarly articles containing some degree of social, environmental, or ethical content having been published in peer-reviewed, business journals in 2008/08.

Haas ranked #4 in the previous ranking published in 2007.

The full report of the 2009 ranking is available at http://www.beyondgreypinstripes.org/index.cfm.