Faculty honors: Five new awards in summer 2019

Several Haas faculty have recently been honored for their research and teaching.

Honorees include Prof. Emeritus David Mowery, Adj. Prof. Henry Chesbrough, Prof. Miguel Villas-Boas, Assoc. Prof. Yaniv Konchitchki, Assoc. Prof. Panos Patatoukas, Prof. J. Miguel Villas-Boas, Prof. Ernesto Dal Bó, and Prof. Frederico Finan.

Prof. Emeritus David Mowery honored as outstanding educator for mentoring PhD students 

Prof. Emeritus David Mowery surrounded by former PhD students at the award reception.

Prof. Emeritus David Mowery received the 2019 Irwin Outstanding Educator Award from the Academy of Management’s Strategic Management Division at a reception in Boston, Massachusetts on Aug. 11. 

The award, established in 2007, recognizes a strategy scholar who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to PhD and doctoral education, as well as ongoing development of junior colleagues. The awards committee recognized Mowery’s exceptional contributions to the field of strategy through mentoring PhD students, who have excelled to become top scholars of the field.

“In the early 2000s until his retirement, many people (very rightly) regarded David as the top PhD advisor in the econ-based strategy field. Mowery student after Mowery student got top jobs at top schools, and most of us have blossomed,” wrote one former student in the award nomination. ”David did this by carefully reading our papers, giving us very sound advice, and most of all, being someone who didn’t try to influence our direction—unless we were struggling with direction—but instead tried to influence the quality of our work.”

The Irwin Reception included speeches from several of Mowery’s former students, who spoke about the impact he had on their careers. More than (two dozen?) of Mowery’s former students attended.

Mowery, a member of the Haas Business & Public Policy Group, is the William A. & Betty H. Hasler Professor Emeritus. His research contributions are in the areas of economics of innovation and technological change, strategic management of technology and innovation, and international trade policy and technology policy. He has authored or co-authored 19 books and over 100 academic articles in numerous top journals. He has served as assistant to the counselor, Office of the United States Trade Representative, and as a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Adj. Prof. Henry Chesbrough recognized for leadership in technology management

Adj. Prof. Henry Chesbrough received the Leadership in Technology Management Award from the Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET) at a banquet on Aug. 27.

The award honors individual who have provided leadership in managing technology by establishing a vision, providing a strategic direction, and facilitating the implementation of strategies for that vision. It was established in 1991.

Chesbrough, who coined the term “open innovation,” is educational director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at Berkeley Haas. His research focuses on technology management and innovation strategy. Chesbrough is the author of six books, including “Open Innovation Results: Going Beyond the Hype and Getting Down to Business”, due out in November.

Profs. Konchitchki and Patatoukas receive prestigious accounting literature award

2019 Notable Contributions to Accounting AwardAssoc. Prof. Yaniv Konchitchki (center left) and Assoc. Prof. Panos Patatoukas (center right) received the 2019 Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Award from at the American Accounting Association Annual meeting in Lakewood, Florida on Aug. 14. Read the full article here.

Prof. Miguel Villas-Boas receives highest honor in marketing science from INFORMS

Prof. Miguel Villas-BoasProf. Miguel Villas-Boas was awarded the 2019 INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Fellow Award, which is the organization’s highest award recognizing cumulative scholarship and long-term contributions to the marketing field. 

Villas-Boas was honored at the INFORMS Marketing Science Conference in Rome, Italy in June.

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)

aims to foster the development, dissemination, and implementation of knowledge, basic and applied research, and science and technologies that improve the understanding and practice of marketing.

Villas-Boas has published extensively in competitive strategy, design of marketing organizations, distribution channels, customer relationship management, customer recognition, product line design, and industrial organization. His research has appeared in several journals, including Marketing Science, Management Science, Journal of Economic Theory, RAND Journal of Economics, Journal of Marketing Research, and Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. 

Villas-Boas shares the 2019 INFORMS award with Prof. Peter E. Rossi of UCLA.

Prof. Ernesto Dal Bó and Assoc. Prof. Frederico Finan win best paper award

Ernesto Dal Bo and Frederico Finan
Prof. Ernesto Dal Bó and Prof. Frederico Finan

Prof. Ernesto Dal Bó and Prof. Frederico Finan received the 2019 Williamson Award at the 2019 Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (SIOE) conference. 

The award was given to the best paper of the annual SIOE conference, held June 27-29 in Stockholm, Sweden. The paper, “Economic Losers and Political Winners: Sweden’s Radical Right,” is available here.

The award was named for Nobel Laureate and Berkeley Haas Prof. Emeritus Oliver Williamson.