Berkeley-Haas Rises in Financial Times MBA Ranking

The Full-time Berkeley MBA Program ranked #5 among US schools and #7 in the world, according to the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking published today (Jan. 25).In the top ten specialty rankings, the Berkeley MBA ranked #2 for e-business, #4 for entrepreneurship, and #6 for IT/computing. It also ranked #10 among MBA programs from which alumni would recruit graduates. Haas ranked #11 in faculty research.

Data for the annual ranking is gathered from an alumni survey of the full-time MBA class of 2012 and from participating schools.

“Over the past eight years the school has experienced sharp improvement in this ranking,” said Dean Rich Lyons. “Our advance is primarily due to our graduates’ ability to command higher salaries post graduation, even relative to other great schools.”

Alumni responses inform eight criteria that together contribute 59% of the ranking’s weight — alumni income and salary increase within three years alone account for 40%. Most of the alumni-based criteria draw on responses from the past three years. The most recent survey carries 50% of the total weight, and the two prior surveys carry 25% each.

Eleven criteria, calculated from school data, account for the remaining 31% of the final ranking. These measure the diversity of the faculty, board members, and students by gender and nationality, and the international mobility and experience of the MBAs.

The faculty research rank, which accounts for 10% of the ranking, is calculated according to the number of articles by full-time faculty in 45 internationally recognized academic and practitioner journals. The rank combines the number of publications from January 2013 to October 2015, with the number weighted relative to the size of each school’s faculty.

This is one of many rankings of full-time MBA programs by the media. In 2015, the school’s Full-time Berkeley MBA Program was ranked #7 among U.S. schools in U.S. News & World Report.

In addition to rankings, Berkeley-Haas also uses an internal measure of relative reputation based on how many students who also have been admitted at other schools choose Haas. By that measure Haas is tied for 6th.

See the full Financial Times Global MBA report.