July 31, 2014

Haas in the News

Poets and Quants
Can Half the Business Schools Really Go Out of Business?
July 15, 2014
Dean Richard Lyons shared his insights into the disruptive nature of technology in the higher education sector.

Fast Company
The Tricky Balance of Using the Past to Shape your Future
July 15, 2014
Haas’ co-authored research finding that a stronger workforce can be a product of the company’s history was mentioned in an article outlining methods of using the past to improve upon the future.

Financial Times
A business plan and two very determined entrepreneurs
July 13, 2014
MBA alumni and TubeMogul co-founders John Hughes and Brett Wilson, MBA , were featured in an article about their beginnings at Haas and on taking their video advertising software company public.

Berkeley school garden grows biz model to stay afloat
July 11, 2014
Haas students were mentioned in an article highlighting their involvement with Berkeley’s Willard Middle School, whose school garden is looking for a financially sustainable business plan and method of selling food to raise money.

Wall Street Journal
The myth of the wicked patent troll
June 30, 2014
Professor Ross Levine, Willis H. Booth Chair in Banking and Finance, examines patent reform and innovation in this oped with Steven Haber.

KGO 810
Energy-Hungry Cable Boxes Raising Your Utility Bills, Professor Warns
June 27, 2014
Professor Severin Borenstein, E.T. Grether Chair in Business Administration and Public Policy, was interviewed so as to provide his insight into older-generation cable boxes and their tendency to use more energy than people would expect.

Huffington Post
White People Think One Black Person’s Success Proves Racism Is Over
June 10, 2014
Research by Clayton Critcher, assistant professor in the Haas Marketing Group, finds that a single Black American’s success lulls people into believing that systemic racial discrimination no longer exists, or at the very least can be easily overcome due to precedent.

Boom in oil transport by rail raises concerns in East Bay
June 25, 2014
Professor Severin Borenstein, E.T. Grether Chair in Business Administration and Public Policy, was quoted on the expected increase in the export of light crude oil (condensate) via the Bay Area rail system.

Poshly Turning Big Consumer Data into a Big Deal for Beauty Products
June 19, 2014
Doreen Bloch, BS 10, CEO and co-founder of Poshley, was featured for her New York startup, which helps consumers decide which cosmetics to buy.

Gulf Times
The government as venture capitalist
June 16, 2014
Professor Laura Tyson, director of the Institute for Business & Social Impact, wrote an oped suggesting that the government take the role of venture capitalist in order to create effective new programs to address social problems.

Washington Post
Ready, willing and able to take a risk
June 9, 2014
Haas’ recent increase in entrepreneurial graduates was mentioned as an example in this article about recent MBA graduates bucking the overall trend of tumbling entrepreneurship rates in the US.

Wall Street Journal
How Elite B-Schools Pump Up Applicant Pools
June 4, 2014
Haas, with a 3.7% rise in full-time MBA applications, was one of the elite U.S. business schools mentioned showing an increase in applications.

Los Angeles Times
Edison's San Onofre settlement mirrors bailouts of banks
May 30, 2014
A study by the Energy Institute at Haas was is cited in the debate whether or not to shut down San Onofre nuclear power plant.

Science Daily
Early childhood stimulation intervention in Jamaica yields better pay in adulthood
May 29, 2014
Professor Paul Gertler, director of the Clausen Center for International Business and Policy, evaluated the effects of early childhood development programs for disadvantaged children in his 20-year study, “Labor Market Returns to an Early Childhood Stimulation Intervention in Jamaica.”

Environmental Economics
One of the WSJ Numbers "Guys" reads the AER
May 29, 2014
Associate Professor Lucas Davis, faculty director of the Energy Institute at Haas, used World Bank data to show that countries with consumer fuel subsides have higher fuel consumption.

San Francisco Chronicle
Box.org to donate product to qualified nonprofits
May 28, 2014
Nora Silver, director of the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership at Haas, commented on the growing number of corporations making of in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations.

Janet Yellen And 17 Other New Faces On The 2014 Power Women List
May 28, 2014
Professor Emerita Janet Yellen was featured on the 2014 Power Women List for becoming the first female chair on the Federal Reserve System.

San Francisco Chronicle
S.F. hot housing prices back, bidding wars fiercer than ever
May 24, 2014
Ken Rosen, chairman of the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, commented on how the San Francisco became the most expensive and competitive real estate market in the U.S.

The Daily Californian
Startup offers new study abroad options for interested students
May 21, 2014
Mitch Gordon, MBA 2014, was featured for co-founding GoOverseas.com, a site with financial and logistical information and reviews for overseas programs for high school graduates and college students offered at various private, public, and non-profit agencies.

How African-American Success Stories Undermine Sympathy for Racial Inequalities
May 20, 2014
Assistant Professor Clayton Critcher wrote an oped about how the successes of some African Americans contribute to persisting racial disparities overall.