September 18, 2014

Haas in the News

Business Insider
People Who Work In Tech Say These Are The 10 Best Business Schools In The World
August 19, 2014
According to people working in tech, Haas ranks #9 in the top 10 of best business schools. Haas recently ranked #12 among business schools worldwide, according to the same study by Business Insider.

The Huffington Post – Blog
Millennial Recruitment and Impact Investing
August 19, 2014
Haas was featured in an article about the growing popularity of social enterprises at many U.S. business schools and the need for companies to value CSR to attract desired talent.

Forum Blog – World Economic Forum
America neglects its infrastructure at its peril
August 19, 2014
Professor Laura Tyson contributed an article about the US Congress’ last-minute decision to prevent the Highway Trust Fund (HTF)’s bankruptcy – saying its bankruptcy would have forced state and local governments to shelve thousands of projects, threatening tens of thousands of construction jobs.

Business Because
The Perfect Fit: MBA Students Reject Job Offers After Crisis
August 18, 2014
Haas was mentioned in an article on top US business schools whose MBA graduates are willing to reject post-grad job offers in order to wait and pursue their ideal careers.

The Atlantic
South Korea’s First and Only Astronaut Just Quit Her Job
August 13, 2014
Yi So-yeon, MBA 14, South Korea’s first astronaut, was featured in an article for her personal decision to resign, thus ending Korea’s young space program.
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How the internet tells us what music to like, what books to read and what to buy
August 13, 2014
Assistant Professor Clayton Critcher provided insight in a radio panel that discussed the effects of recommender systems and the hyper-personalization that occurs as sites gather information and steer consumers towards specific choices.

San Francisco Business Times
Alta Bates Summit shows off new $350 million Merrit Pavilion acute-care tower
August 7, 2014
Chuck Prosper, MBA 97, CEO of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, was featured in an article on the new inpatient acute-care tower, which has taken over a decade to create from planning to construction.

Investing & Stock Research – Businessweek
Some Corporate Crises Require Big Executive Bonuses, According to Research from Stanford Graduate School of Business
August 5, 2014
Professor Alexei Tchistyi and co-authors were featured for their research showing that paying motivational bonuses to CEOs during a corporate crisis can save the company.
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The Next Big Thing You Missed: Startup Offers Payday Advances Without the Pesky Loan-Sharking
August 5, 2014
Assistant Professor Adair Morse was quoted in an article for her opinion on ActiveHours, a startup that allows workers to access their pay immediately without having to wait until payday.

City A.M.
The confidence myth: Why the humble thrive
August 4, 2014
Professor Cameron Anderson and his research were featured in an article highlighting how the “confidence illusion” can be mistaken for competence, which in turn can cost organizations.

Video: Michelle Quinn on diversity in Silicon Valley
August 4, 2014
Eric Abrams, director of diversity initiatives for Haas, discussed the diversity deficit in Silicon Valley and its negative effect on companies.

Bloomberg Businessweek
Negotiations Are Stacked Against Women. Here’s What They Can Do About It
August 1, 2014
Research by Professor Laura Kray shows that when it comes to negotiations, women are at a disadvantage by being more susceptible to lies and perceptions of ineptitude by the other party.

“How Economics PhDs Took Over the Federal Reserve” (FOMC) – HBR
July 31, 2014
Federal Reserve Chair and Professor Emeritus Janet Yellen was mentioned in an article highlighting the fact that the Federal Reserve is run by economics PhDs – a doctorate degree that could possibly become a prerequisite to run for the Fed.

Sweden Set to Disclose Bank Risks Most Investors Can’t Discern
July 29, 2014
Professor Ross Levine was quoted in an article about Sweden’s steps towards greater transparency by publishing banks’ individual capital requirements.
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CNN iReport
Chevrolet Volt Partners with MBAs Across America
July 29, 2014
Haas was one out of eight b-schools schools with a team in the nonprofit organization MBAs Across America, which has students offering free counseling to small-business entrepreneurs and has partnered with Chevrolet.
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Reuters US News
AMA & AMAF Honor Kate Grant as the 2014 Nonprofit Marketer of the Year
July 22, 2014
Kate Grant, BS 80, received this year’s AMA/AMAF Nonprofit Marketer of the Year Award. She was recognized for her work as CEO of Fistula Foundation, which focuses on funding surgeries for women born with obstetric fistula.
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San Francisco Chronicle
Priya Haji helped found groups serving people in need
July 18, 2014
The late Priya Haji, MBA 03, was remembered for creating successful enterprises and for her importance to the Silicon Valley community.

After slashing share prices, TubeMogul pops in first-day trading
July 18, 2014
Video advertising company TubeMogul, co-founded by MBA alumni John Hughes and Brett Wilson, MBAs 07, was featured in an article for a very successful market debut.

Here & Now
San Francisco Media Home Price Hits $1 Million
July 17, 2014
Professor Nancy Wallace, co-chair of the Fischer Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, provided insights into the expensive San Francisco real estate market.
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The Washington Post
Research supports the notion of the “hot hand”; baseball players always believed in it
July 16, 2014
Co-authored research by Assistant Professor Brett Green supports the idea of the “hot hand” in sports, a theory that a player on a success streak – whether batting or shooting throws – is more likely to perform better in the next play.

Investing & Stock Research – Businessweek
Latest Book from Professor Emeritus David Aaker Explores the 20 Key Brand Principles That Drive Business Success
July 15, 2014
Professor Emeritus David Aaker, known as the “father of modern branding”, was featured in an article about his latest book on essential branding principles.
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