Priya Saiprasad, BS 10
Co-Founder and General Partner, Touring Capital

Priya Saiprasad, BS 10.Priya Saiprasad often doesn’t look like other venture capitalists in Silicon Valley boardrooms. But she does look like the consumers of many products under consideration for funding—a perspective that adds value to the discussions happening.

“I bring to the table diverse perspectives that represent Millennials, women, entreprenuership, and a global-mindset that others might not have thought of,” says Saiprasad, who lived in 12 countries as a child.

As co-founder and general partner of Touring Capital, a new venture firm focused on AI software, Saiprasad aims to break the mold of venture funds. “I have many thoughts on how to solve for the systemic biases that exist in venture, how to create a firm that’s founder-first, and how to leverage advancements in AI for the next generation of software productivity.”

A veteran in AI software investment, Saiprasad was primed for her new role. Her experiences at Microsoft’s venture fund M12, Mayfield Fund, and SoftBank Investment Advisers provided insights on creating a cutting-edge yet enduring fund, she says. So when longtime mentor Nagraj Kashyap, an M12 alumnus, approached her about founding a firm with an AI focus, she jumped at the chance.

“Advancements in AI have been happening over the last decade and now they’re finally at a precipice of reaching massive scale and adoption,” she says.

As digital natives, Millennials like Saiprasad are leading the expectations for what AI and other emerging technologies should do. So while she might not look like many in the boardroom today, she certainly looks like the future.