Student VC leader seeks business ethics lessons in fellowship at Nazi sites

As an entrepreneur and founder of UC Berkeley’s student-led venture fund Arrow Capital Matthew Bond, MBA 19, has concerns about the groupthink he has seen at work in Silicon Valley—such as when venture capitalists rush to invest in startups purely because other influential firms have funded them, rather forming their own views of the companies.

Can’t sing? These undergrads have a karaoke booth just for you

These UC Berkeley students have launched Oki Karaoke to bring to bring soundproof karaoke pods—already popular in Asia—to the U.S. This summer, the students will pilot test the booth in the Westfield San Francisco Centre in downtown San Francisco.

Embracing diverse values in company culture pays off—literally

Zappos says its 10 core values are a “way of life,” while Netflix details seven aspects of its culture, nine “highly valued behaviors and skills,” plus deal-breakers like “no brilliant jerks.” Nordstrom has just one rule of thumb: “Use good judgment in all situations.” More and more companies are asking employees to adopt a set

MBA students fight the gender pay gap—one offer at a time

While she was working at Microsoft several years ago, Christina Chavez, MBA 19, logged into an anonymous online job compensation board called Blind and was shocked to see the tech gender pay gap in plain sight. “People were posting their data, and we started saying ‘whoah’ there’s some major differences in how our colleagues are

Classified: Empowering undergrads to be changemakers

“Classified” is a series spotlighting some of the more powerful lessons faculty are teaching in Haas classrooms. Nearly 40 students poured out of the Chou Hall elevators on a recent morning on a strange mission: to find ways to get rejected in less than 15 minutes. One student told a passerby it was her birthday.

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