Celebrating Haas

Looking back to look forward

Headshot of a smiling Dean Ann Harrison.With this issue we recognize a huge milestone in the history of our business school: 125 years. But it is not just an anniversary. It is 125 years of breakthrough ideas, of improving economic outcomes for people worldwide, of guiding the policies that shape our lives. In short, 125 years of reimagining business. 

To that end, we wanted to create an anniversary issue that challenged convention. You will not see any sepia-toned photos or timelines stressing important dates. Instead, we aim to show you how our pioneering achievements of the past have led to even more groundbreaking achievements. We would like to connect the dots for the story of Berkeley Haas, so you see not just where we have been but where we are headed. 

For those of you who may not know, I am taking a semester-long sabbatical to focus on my research and to recharge before my second term as dean begins in January. Haas will be in excellent hands while our Associate Deans of Academic Affairs, Jenny Chatman and Don Moore, serve as acting deans. I look forward to rejoining you in January. Enjoy the issue!


Signature of Ann Harrison.

Ann Harrison
Bank of America Dean