Caroline Yeh, EMBA 15
Co-founder & Co-owner, TSUMo Snacks

Headshot of Caroline Yeh, EMBA 15.It was a cookie that changed the career path of Caroline Yeh. As a Haas student visiting and researching Seattle-based companies, some of her classmates brought Yeh a cannabis cookie from a dispensary, sparking an interest in improving the snack. With years in consumer-packaged goods, Yeh used her experience to investigate her new interest in cannabis edibles.

After graduation, Yeh landed her first position in the edible industry. On the eve of cannabis legalization in California, it appeared that the industry would grow exponentially. But regulations, high tax rates, the cost of compliance, product saturation, and the illicit market continue to severely impact the industry. Nevertheless, Yeh enjoys the challenge. “Getting to help build an industry from scratch, it’s not something that often happens in a lifetime,” she says.

In 2021, Yeh co-founded TSUMo Snacks, introducing one of the first savory cannabis treats. TSUMo has garnered much attention, in part due to its notable partnerships with Snoop Dogg—who co-founded the VC firm that led TSUMo’s $4M seed round—and celebrity chef Roy Choi, who created some of TSUMo’s most popular items, including Choi’s Spicy Cheesy Ramen Curls.

Yeh reflects on the impact of the moment: “Right now, we’re running partnerships with a few other Asian-owned cannabis brands to offer a bundle that benefits Asian Americans for Cannabis Education. It’s great that I get to use my position to invest in my community and things that I care about.”