How A Founder’s Personality Powers Startup Growth

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg have all built entrepreneurial empires. Yet the titans of tech have very different personalities. In their new book, Built for Growth, John Danner and Chris Kuenne, (Harvard Business Review Press, June 6) explore the personalities of successful entrepreneurs, or business builders. Danner and Kuenne identify four builder personalities—the

MBA Commencement Speakers on Overcoming Obstacles: Race, Gender, Mobility

Student speakers Alvaro Silberstein and Tiffany Barbour spoke of overcoming obstacles and gaining the confidence to achieve the impossible at the Berkeley MBA Commencement held at the Greek Theatre last Friday. Classmates and friends—among a crowd of 500 Full-time and Evening & Weekend graduating MBA students—chanted “Álvaro” as Silberstein, MBA 17, wheeled to the podium

Undergrad Commencement: “A Sikh’s Speech to Unite the World”

Angad Singh Padda rolled up his sleeves at undergraduate commencement Monday, sat cross-legged on the Greek Theatre stage next to Dean Rich Lyons, and began to beat on classical Indian drums called the Tabla. “That intense beat right there was everybody’s heartbeat right before we opened our admissions letters,” said Padda, who wore a bright

New Berkeley MBA for Executives Class Arrives

Marcus Krauss, a U.S. Marine turned chef, began looking into part-time MBA programs while he was running Salsipuedes, his Oakland, Calif.-based bistro. “Being a military veteran, I felt like I had a lot of leadership and organizational management experience, and that I wanted to bring my knowledge of business up to that level,” said Krauss,

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