New Video Website Offers Lifelong Learning

A new video website called Haas Insights is providing students and alumni with an ever-expanding gallery of business insights from the school's faculty and high-level business executives.

The site––was designed to be a resource for the school's alumni community by the Haas Alumni Relations Office in partnership with the school's Center for Executive Education.

"The Alumni Relations Office is committed to assuring that, throughout our alumni's lifetimes, they are intellectually challenged and renewed thanks to their affiliation with the Haas School," says Director of Alumni Relations Leslie Kanberg. "We at Haas are passionate about learning and respect the power of ideas to inspire, engage, and inform."

Some videos run as short as 5 to 15 minutes and feature faculty members describing highlights of their current research. Other videos, of up to an hour, share the insights of innovative business leaders such as Biz Stone of Twitter and Mark Pincus of Zynga or business analysts such as Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post. The videos cover a wide variety of topics, from marketing to management, economics to energy.

Bookmark Haas Insights today and remain a curious, inquisitive member of the Haas community.