New-Student Welcome Parties Circle the Globe

From Boston to Beijing, Laguna Beach to London, and many places in between, alumni groups around the world are hosting parties to welcome new admits to the Haas School.

The parties, organized by the local alumni chapters, began in April and will continue into August. Alumni, new graduates, and new undergraduate and graduate admits who have already received their notifications are invited to the parties.

“For those who have been admitted and haven’t necessarily accepted, it’s a great way to meet alumni and recent grads and learn about Haas,” says Sue Clifton, Haas associate director of alumni relations. “It gives them a good feeling for what the school and the Bay Area are like.”

Where these parties are offers “an interesting look at what areas are growing,” adds Clifton. This year, there are three parties in Texas–in Austin, Dallas and Houston. Haas also is expanding its reach internationally, especially in Asia, with parties in being held in Bangalore, Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo. In Europe, new locations include Moscow and Budapest, which hosted a party on June 4 attended by Dean Rich Lyons.

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