Berkeley MBA Moves up in Financial Times Ranking

The Full-time Berkeley MBA Program placed #8 among U.S. schools and #11 worldwide, up from #12 globally in 2013, in the Financial Times Global MBA ranking published Monday (Jan. 27).

Haas faculty research ranked #6 worldwide. Placement for Haas PhD graduates ranked #12 worldwide. In specialty rankings, Haas placed #1 in corporate social responsibility/ethics, #3 in e-business, and #6 in entrepreneurship.

Data for the ranking is gathered from an alumni survey of the full-time MBA class of 2010 (which accounts for 55% of the ranking) and from participating schools (which accounts for 45%). The data is weighted as follows:

  • 55% Alumni survey on career progress and satisfaction with the program. Current salary and salary percentage increase alone account for 40% of the ranking.
  • 25% Diversity factors of the program, its faculty, and advisory board; international content of the program.
  • 20% Intellectual capital, which includes 10% for faculty research measured by the number of faculty articles published in 40 peer-reviewed journals selected by the Financial Times (adjusted for faculty size), 5% for full-time faculty with PhD degrees, 5% PhD placement.

In a similar global MBA survey, Haas ranked #3 in the Economist Which MBA ranking in fall 2013.

Read the full Financial Times rankings report.