Berkeley MBA Does Well in Rankings

The Berkeley MBA Program ranked among the top 10 US full-time MBA programs in two recent rankings, Hispanic Business and Business Insider.

Hispanic Business

The Berkeley MBA program ranked #6 in a ranking of the top full-time MBA programs for Hispanic students, published by Hispanic Business magazine on August 20, 2014.

In 2013, the Berkeley MBA ranked #2.

The schools are ranked using criteria such as enrollment, faculty, reputation based on a school’s US News & World Report ranking, retention rate, and the use of progressive programs to recruit, support, and mentor Hispanic students.

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Business Insider

The Full-time Berkeley MBA Program moved up four spots to #12 from #16 last year in a ranking of MBA programs by Business Insider, published on August 4, 2014. Among US schools only, the Berkeley MBA ranked #10.

The ranking is based on the ratings of nearly 10,000 Business Insider readers, according to Business Insider. Respondents were asked to rate the reputation of the graduates from top business schools around the world on a scale of poor to excellent (1 to 5), with excellent ratings used as a tiebreaker. Business Insider said it only included responses from those professionals who said they had experience hiring MBAs and filtered the data to obtain better geographical balance.

In a similar ranking, the Full-time MBA program ranked #3 worldwide in the Economist‘s Which MBA.

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In a follow up ranking, published by Business Insider on August 19, the Berkeley MBA ranked #9 worldwide among the ten best business schools according to people working in tech. The ranking was based on the same poll of Business Insider readers used for the initial ranking.

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