Another #1 Ranking for the Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering Program

The Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering Program has been ranked #1 in the US by two comprehensive rankings of US financial engineering programs: the TFE Times and QuantNet.

The #1 TFE Times 2017 Best Financial Engineering Programs ranking, published Nov. 1, comes just a week after the program tied for #1 overall in QuantNet’s ranking. The program was also ranked #1 for employment outcomes by QuantNet.

The TFE Times ranking is based on:

  • 30% mean GRE/GMAT scores
  • 25% mean starting salary and bonus
  • 15% mean undergraduate GPA
  • 15% acceptance rate
  • 10% graduates employed at graduation
  • 5% graduates employed three months after graduation

The score for each program was the weighted average of each of the components’ respective score.