Haas Events | Winter 2019-20

Meet the Dean event Los Angeles

William Von Blasingame, MBA 86, and Dean Ann Harrison.

Los Angeles, CA

Asst. Prof. Omri Even-Tov in Korea

Even-Tov with Joo Hee Park, Arion Blas, and Kangmin Lee, all MBA 19s.

Seoul, South Korea

Transportation & Mobility Industry event

Kylie Sale, MBA 20, and Karen Zelmar, MBA 99.

San Francisco, CA

Meet the Dean event Los Angeles

Aaron Schechter, BS 82, and Ernie Bumatay, MBA 73.

Los Angeles, CA

Haas Arizona gathering

Clockwise from lower left: Trent Marchuk, MBA 14; Andy Lesko, MBA 16; Jeff Baum, MBA 99; Nick Pejic, MBA 22; and Nirit Rubenstein, MBA 08.

Scottsdale, AZ

Haas Alumni CALpital Connections event in Sacramento

California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, MBA 92, and Dean Ann Harrison.

Sacramento, CA

East Bay Chapter Hike with the Dean

Back row: Frank Rockwood, MBA 93; Susan Rockwood, MBA 89; Cathy Garza, MBA 89; Bill Roberts; Annie Chan, MBA 99; Dave Chan. Front row: Kimberly Wirtz, MBA 93; Dean Ann Harrison; Susan Raifman; Elizabeth Harvey, MBA 91; Claudia Diaz, BS 19.

Berkeley, CA

Dean’s Speaker Series

Weijian Shan, PhD 87, chairman and CEO of PAG and author of Out of the Gobi: My Story of China and America.

Berkeley, CA

Vancouver and The Business of Housing Event

Antonia Kalmacoff Jennings; Phil Seo, MBA 11; and event host Russell Kalmacoff, MBA 65.

Vancouver, BC

Dean’s Speaker Series

Kellie McElhaney, founding director of the Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership, and Tony Prophet, chief equality officer, Salesforce.

Berkeley, CA

Dean’s Speaker Series

Arlan Hamilton, founder and managing partner, Backstage Capital.

Berkeley, CA

Portland Chapter alumni gathering at Lucky Lab

Portland, Or

LA photos: Aaron Schasse/Heromade Productions. Berkeley photos: Manali Anne Photography, Brittany Hosea-Small, and Jim Block.