March 29, 2017

News Releases

2017 Haas News Releases

How After-Hours Trading Sheds Light on Investor Sentiment (02/22/2017)

Wikipedia Readers Get Shortchanged by Copyrighted Material (02/13/2017)

Plan to Reduce Air Pollution Chokes in Mexico City (02/02/2017)

Mobile Marketing 2.0: It’s Not Just Where You Are But Whom You’re Near (01/25/2017)

2016 Haas News Releases

President Obama Honored by Berkeley-Haas for Global Leadership in Open Innovation (12/16/2016)

A Better Way For Policymakers to Win Over Constituents (12/14/2016)

International Development Expert on “Trumpism, Global Economy, Silicon Valley” (12/01/2016)

Can Investors Be Optimistic Under a Republican Administration? (11/22/2016)

On the Job: Is it Better to Fit In or Stand Out? (11/09/2016)

Donald or Hillary? Why Listening to Them Makes a Difference to Voters (10/05/2016)

New Berkeley Undergraduate Program to Develop Innovative Tech Leaders and Entrepreneurs (08/01/2016)

Walmart CIO Karenann Terrell Wins 5th Annual Fisher-Hopper Prize for Lifetime Achievement in CIO Leadership (06/13/2016)

What’s Driving the Next Generation of Green Products? (06/08/2016)

UC Berkeley’s 21st Annual Fisher Center Real Estate Conference To Focus on The Current Real Estate Boom—Will the Bubble Soon Burst? (04/25/2016)

How Manufacturers Win by Not Playing the Field (04/05/2016)

I’d Like to Thank … Myself (03/07/2016)

Want to Be Seen As a Leader? Get Some Muscle. (02/24/2016)

How Hollywood Beats Military Might in the Global Marketplace (02/15/2016)

Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Lose (01/25/2016)

Negotiation Tip: Gain Sympathy and Gain the Advantage (01/07/2016)

2015 Haas News Releases

Stock Market Bubbles: Investor Emotions Fuel the Frenzy (12/02/2015)

Channeling Influence: How Companies Use Campaign Contributions To Compete (12/01/2015)

UC Berkeley’s 38th Annual Real Estate & Economics Symposium Highlights Trends in Land Use, Financing, and Profitability (11/16/2015)

Berkeley-Haas Joins Global Network for Advanced Management as 2nd US Member School (11/05/2015)

Flagging a Stock Price Crash (10/13/2015)

Workplace Mentors Benefit Female Employees More Than Men (10/12/2015)

Frequently Discounting Maximizes Retailer Revenues (09/28/2015)

The California Energy Commission Appoints Energy Institute at Haas's Severin Borenstein as Chair of the Petroleum Market Advisory Committee (09/10/2015)

Berkeley-Haas Launches New Tusher Center to Study Management of Intellectual Capital (08/14/2015)

How Stock Market’s “Spare Tire” Keeps Economy Churning During Banking Crises (08/04/2015)


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