May 29, 2016

News Releases

2016 Haas News Releases

UC Berkeley’s 21st Annual Fisher Center Real Estate Conference To Focus on The Current Real Estate Boom—Will the Bubble Soon Burst? (04/25/2016)

How Manufacturers Win by Not Playing the Field (04/05/2016)

I’d Like to Thank … Myself (03/07/2016)

Want to Be Seen As a Leader? Get Some Muscle. (02/24/2016)

How Hollywood Beats Military Might in the Global Marketplace (02/15/2016)

Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Lose (01/25/2016)

Negotiation Tip: Gain Sympathy and Gain the Advantage (01/07/2016)

2015 Haas News Releases

Stock Market Bubbles: Investor Emotions Fuel the Frenzy (12/02/2015)

Channeling Influence: How Companies Use Campaign Contributions To Compete (12/01/2015)

UC Berkeley’s 38th Annual Real Estate & Economics Symposium Highlights Trends in Land Use, Financing, and Profitability (11/16/2015)

Berkeley-Haas Joins Global Network for Advanced Management as 2nd US Member School (11/05/2015)

Flagging a Stock Price Crash (10/13/2015)

Workplace Mentors Benefit Female Employees More Than Men (10/12/2015)

Frequently Discounting Maximizes Retailer Revenues (09/28/2015)

The California Energy Commission Appoints Energy Institute at Haas's Severin Borenstein as Chair of the Petroleum Market Advisory Committee (09/10/2015)

Berkeley-Haas Launches New Tusher Center to Study Management of Intellectual Capital (08/14/2015)

How Stock Market’s “Spare Tire” Keeps Economy Churning During Banking Crises (08/04/2015)

How to Trust What Your Customers Say About Your Brand (08/03/2015)

Raytheon CIO Honored with Fisher-Hopper Prize for CIO Leadership (08/03/2015)

Study Finds Costs of Residential Energy Efficiency Investments are Double the Benefits (06/23/2015)

If You Demonstrate that “Black Lives Matter,” Others Will Too (06/19/2015)

Female Managers Do Not Reduce the Gender Wage Gap, Study Finds (06/17/2015)

The E2e Project Awarded $5 Million Grant to Evaluate New Advanced Energy Monitoring System Designed to Save Industry Energy and Money (05/20/2015)

We All Want High Social Status (05/06/2015)

The Cost of Staying Cool When Incomes Heat Up (04/27/2015)

UC Berkeley Takes Lead in Understanding Crowdfunding Revolution (04/15/2015)

How Limiting CEO Pay Can Be More Effective, Less Costly (04/14/2015)

Saving Lives by Making Malaria Drugs More Affordable (04/06/2015)

Marketing Prof. Clayton Critcher Honored with SAGE Young Scholars Award (02/17/2015)

Keep Your Enemies Close? Study Finds Greater Proximity to Opponents Leads to More Polarization (02/02/2015)


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