February 10, 2016

News Releases

2016 Haas News Releases

Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Lose (01/25/2016)

Negotiation Tip: Gain Sympathy and Gain the Advantage (01/07/2016)

2015 Haas News Releases

Stock Market Bubbles: Investor Emotions Fuel the Frenzy (12/02/2015)

Channeling Influence: How Companies Use Campaign Contributions To Compete (12/01/2015)

UC Berkeley’s 38th Annual Real Estate & Economics Symposium Highlights Trends in Land Use, Financing, and Profitability (11/16/2015)

Berkeley-Haas Joins Global Network for Advanced Management as 2nd US Member School (11/05/2015)

Flagging a Stock Price Crash (10/13/2015)

Workplace Mentors Benefit Female Employees More Than Men (10/12/2015)

Frequently Discounting Maximizes Retailer Revenues (09/28/2015)

The California Energy Commission Appoints Energy Institute at Haas's Severin Borenstein as Chair of the Petroleum Market Advisory Committee (09/10/2015)

Berkeley-Haas Launches New Tusher Center to Study Management of Intellectual Capital (08/14/2015)

How Stock Market’s “Spare Tire” Keeps Economy Churning During Banking Crises (08/04/2015)

How to Trust What Your Customers Say About Your Brand (08/03/2015)

Raytheon CIO Honored with Fisher-Hopper Prize for CIO Leadership (08/03/2015)

Study Finds Costs of Residential Energy Efficiency Investments are Double the Benefits (06/23/2015)

If You Demonstrate that “Black Lives Matter,” Others Will Too (06/19/2015)

Female Managers Do Not Reduce the Gender Wage Gap, Study Finds (06/17/2015)

The E2e Project Awarded $5 Million Grant to Evaluate New Advanced Energy Monitoring System Designed to Save Industry Energy and Money (05/20/2015)

We All Want High Social Status (05/06/2015)

The Cost of Staying Cool When Incomes Heat Up (04/27/2015)

UC Berkeley Takes Lead in Understanding Crowdfunding Revolution (04/15/2015)

How Limiting CEO Pay Can Be More Effective, Less Costly (04/14/2015)

Saving Lives by Making Malaria Drugs More Affordable (04/06/2015)

Marketing Prof. Clayton Critcher Honored with SAGE Young Scholars Award (02/17/2015)

Keep Your Enemies Close? Study Finds Greater Proximity to Opponents Leads to More Polarization (02/02/2015)

2014 Haas News Releases

Open Innovation Found to Be Basic Ingredient of Chez Panisse’s Success (12/18/2014)

Limiting Internet Congestion A Key Factor in Net Neutrality Debate (12/09/2014)

A New Academic Building to Transform Berkeley-Haas Student Experience (12/04/2014)

Political Correctness in Diverse Workplace Fosters Creativity (11/25/2014)

Good Corporate Governance Correlates to Higher CSR Performance and Shareholder Wealth (11/12/2014)


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