Yaniv Konchitchki Makes “World’s Top 40 Under 40”

Haas Professor Yaniv Konchitchki was named as a “World’s Top 40 Under 40” lauding the best young business professors from around the globe.

Konchitchki joined the Berkeley-Haas faculty in 2011. Before receiving a PhD from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, he was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Senior Financial Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as well as a Senior Investment Expert at the Securities Authority.

Konchitchki’s research interest and expertise are in interdisciplinary capital markets, and in particular he develops the new and growing area called Macro-Accounting, which addresses real-life problems using the value added that accounting can bring to various current macro-level topics (e.g., inflation; inequality; housing; recessions; GDP; business cycles; national accounting). His research serves as a starting point for new research on the linkages between accounting information, stock valuation, and the macroeconomy.

“The starting point in my research is holistic,” says Konchitchki. “Firms do not operate in a vacuum, but rather they are part of the macroeconomy. However, since its formation, accounting research has overwhelmingly ignored how firms are affected by, or inform, the macroeconomy. My research sheds light on questions that were ignored for decades.”

Konchitchki has published his research in top-tier academic and professional journals. In addition to being nominated as a “World’s Top 40 Under 40”, Konchitchki has consistently received awards for research and teaching excellence including:

  • from the accounting profession (American Accounting Association’s Best Paper Award)
  • across Berkeley (e.g., Hellman Fellow—a most promising assistant professor)
  • within Haas (e.g., Schwabacher Fellow, Bakar Fellow, Club 6, Cheit Award—for excellence in research and in teaching the core MBA and the PhD research classes)

Poets & Quants, a business school news site, publishes this annual award to recognize professors who excel in research and in the classroom. Konchitchki was quoted by one student: “You were able to effectively take an admittedly dry subject (and one I was not particularly looking forward to) and turn it into a great learning experience.  I appreciate all the time and dedication you put into the class; it truly shows.”

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Read more about Prof. Konchitchki on his website.