Vogel Named Fellow at Oxford University

Professor David Vogel has been named an international research fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation.

Vogel is among a group of about 40 international research fellows from academic institutions around the world that the center is appointing. The new fellows are being selected on the basis of their relevance to the center's work and will be invited to come to Oxford University annually for an international symposium on reputation.

In addition to having the opportunity to interact with a wide range of international researchers, Vogel says he anticipates his work with the center will assist him in preparing a new MBA class on crisis management that he plans to offer next year. Vogel is the Soloman P. Lee Chair in Business Ethics and a member of the Haas Business and Public Policy Group.

The Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation was established by Oxford's Said Business School in 2008 to promote a better understanding of the way in which the reputations of corporations and institutions around the world are created, enhanced, and protected.