Big Question Summer 2023

What was an inspirational or memorable moment you had at Berkeley Haas?

Big Question Spring 2023

In hindsight, what’s something you wish you’d known earlier in your career or life?

Big Question Fall 2022

What are some ways (large or small) that you’ve adopted a sustainability mindset at work or at home?

Big Question Summer 2022

Who was a Haas professor or leader you admired and what kernel of wisdom did they share that sticks with you today?

Big Question Spring 2022

How has the experience of connecting with fellow Haas alumni in the workplace or hiring Haas students/alumni benefitted you professionally or personally?

Big Question Fall 2021

What lessons (personal or professional) have you learned from the pandemic and how are you incorporating them into your life?

Big Question

What leadership qualities have you come to admire and why?

Big Question

What Berkeley Haas classes or learnings have been most beneficial to your career and why?

Big Question

How have you gone Beyond Yourself this year?

Big Question

How do you stay relevant professionally or personally?

Big Question

What do you anticipate being the next big thing or trend in your industry and why?

Big Question

How have you tapped into your Haas or Berkeley connections to improve your life?

Big Question

How have you questioned the status quo at work and what was the result?