Students, Staff, Faculty Extend Big Thanks to Donors

Hundreds of Haas students, staff, and faculty wrote thank-you cards to donors last week to acknowledge that without their generosity, the school would not have enough funding to operate after the beginning of December.

Student fees make up less than half the cost of running Haas. Of the remaining half, donations from alumni, students, staff, faculty, and friends cover about one third the cost of operating the business school. Other revenue, including executive education fees and research awards, covers another one third, and state and campus suport cover another one third. If Berkeley-Haas relied solely upon student fees, the school would shut down the first week in December—less than halfway through the school year.

To acknowledge the value of those contributions, students and staff stopped by a "Thank A Donor" table in the Bank of America Forum two days last week. Here are excerpts from some notes (condensed for space):

"After doing two years of research at Columbia Business School,
I thought I was for sure going to stay there for my PhD.
However, within hours of visiting Haas, it became my hands-down top choice! 1 term later,
I'm on cloud 9 and happily pursuing research.
Thanks for supporting my future."
—Nicole Zeng, PhD 17

"Your gift helps students like me get a world-class business
education and take classes like the Real Estate
BILD (Berkeley Innovative Leader Development) class
with Professor (Nancy) Wallace.
Thank you so much for your support."
—Cleya Ormiston, MBA 14

"Haas continues to be a place of inspiration, learning, and
innovation. Thank you for your support."
—Suchana Singireddy (Haas Staff)

"I have had a great experience as an undergraduate at Haas.
I have had some incredible professors, personalized
academic attention, and exposure to a wide array
of topics within business. I will graduate
in May with tangible skills and a great network
of support behind me. I am very grateful to donors
like you who have made this experience possible.
I hope you will continue to support this fantastic program."
—Christina Jones, BS 13

"It's hard to put into words how grateful I am to Haas.
Thanks to Haas I learn new exciting things on a daily basis
and feel that my career is growing in the right directions.
I look forward to being in your shoes and giving back
to the place I care so much about."
—Yuval Gez, MBA 14 "