See Tina Wong Off at Her Retirement Party, May 4

After more than 25 years with the Haas School, Tina Wong, the school’s authority on faculty hiring, will retire at the end of May.

The Haas School is throwing her a retirement party to thank her for her time and dedication on Tuesday, May 4, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Wells Fargo Room.

“Tina has incredible institutional knowledge that we’re trying hard to transfer, but we’ll never replace it,” says Molly Nagler, director of academic affairs and Wong’s supervisor for the past 4 1/2 years. “I’ve never met anyone who has the recall she has, and the attention to detail.”

Wong started as a faculty assistant for the faculty’s Marketing Group in December 1984. After eight months, she moved to the personnel and accounting office, where she and two other employees shared one of the school’s first computers. A couple of years later, she moved to the Dean’s Office as an administrative assistant for Academic Affairs, assuming responsibility for class scheduling.

Wong’s role continued to evolve over the years to her current position managing the faculty recruiting process.

Significant changes to the school itself since 1984 – moving to a new building, adding degree programs, embracing new technology – have also felt like a gradual evolution, Wong says: “Nothing ever happens quickly. It happens slowly, and then you realize when you look around that everything’s changed.”

Post-retirement, Wong’s schedule remains open. “I don’t have a plan,” she says, although she’ll stay busy knitting, quilting, reading, gardening, working around the house, and following women’s basketball.