New Thinking in a Pandemic: Don Moore & Katy Milkman

The pandemic has drastically changed our lives and our behavior. Prof. Don Moore hosts Katherine L. Milkman, Professor of Operations, Information & Decisions at The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School to talk about how insights from economics and psychology can be used to change pandemic behavior for the better.

“Frankly, we’ve made some mistakes regarding convenience,” Milkman said. “It should have been made fun and really easy to practice social distancing. For example, I think we should definitely have mailed everyone masks and found ways to make masks fun, convenient and customizable.”

Katherine Milkman’s research relies heavily on big data and field experiments to document various ways in which individuals systematically deviate from making optimal choices and to explore how human decision making can be improved. She is a professor at The Wharton School, host of Charles Schwab’s popular Choiceology podcast, and co-director of The Behavior Change for Good Initiative.


New Thinking in a Pandemic: Business, Economics & Inclusion” is a twice-monthly series hosted by Berkeley Haas faculty to highlight cutting-edge, high-level thinking and analysis on a range of topics around business, economics, and equity during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. The series is streamed live on YouTube, where viewers can ask questions via chat.