Big jump in influence for California Management Review

Berkeley Haas’s academic management journal, California Management Review, has earned a big jump in its impact factor—a measure of how frequently its articles are cited by scholars and a gauge of academic influence among top journals.

CMR LogoThe journal’s single-year impact factor is 5.0, and its five-year impact factor is 5.33 in this year’s Thomson Reuters’ Journal Citation Report, a ranking of global research publications.  This marks the fourth consecutive year the journal improved its ranking and position among the top business journals. (Last year the journal’s impact factor was 3.3).

A journal’s impact factor is derived from how frequently its articles are cited by scholars in their own research. Citation information is collected and analyzed each year in

“We are very pleased by this increasing recognition of CMR’s editorial mission to publish research that both engages scholars and offers new insights into the practice of management,” said Editor-in-Chief David Vogel, a  Berkeley Haas professor emeritus.

One of the most frequently cited recent articles in California Management Review was written by Berkeley Haas Prof. David Teece. “Dynamic Capabilities and Organizational Agility: Risk, Uncertainty, and Strategy in the Innovation Economy” focuses on the concept of agility within established businesses. While organizations are often compelled to transform to remain competitive, Teece asserts that perpetual transformation is not always the best option, and proceeds to draw an important distinction between uncertainty and risk. The article, which has been cited more than 3,000 times, emphasizes the need to respond to the uncertainty of innovation through the development of dynamic capabilities.

More information about California Management Review’s impact factor and international rankings is available here, along with links to new research and information about publishing in the journal.