Profs. David Teece and Ross Levine Achieve 100K Citations

David Teece (left) and Ross Levine (right)

Two Berkeley-Haas professors recently reached 100K citations of their published research, according to Google Scholar. The milestone marks the growing influence of their scholarly findings among other academics.

Prof. David Teece reached the milestone in July. His most cited paper is “Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Management,” (published in Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 18, Issue 7, (1997).


The paper is co-authored with two former Haas doctoral students Gary Pisano and Amy Shuen.

In Strategy + Business, Teece explained how “dynamic capabilities” differ from ordinary ones by being uniquely rooted in a company’s history. Because dynamic capabilities cannot be duplicated by other companies, they present opportunities to develop growth strategies and durable competitive advantage.

Teece, the Thomas W. Tusher Professor in Global Business, studies technology transfer, antitrust economics, and innovation. He is also faculty director for the Tusher Center for the Management of Intellectual Capital.

Prof. Ross Levine hit the 100K mark for research citations this week. In a series of papers with different co-authors, Levine discovered that financial intermediaries and markets exert a powerful influence on long-run economic growth.

While many argued the financial systems simply respond to the real economy or are primarily casinos where the rich come to place their bets, Levine showed that financial services that fund people with the best ideas, rather than people with the most accumulated wealth or political connections, boost economic prosperity, reduce income inequality, and alleviate poverty.                                                                           
Levine is the Willis H. Booth Chair in Banking and Finance. He studies financial regulation in relation to the overall economy and examines the traits of successful entrepreneurs.