Power Conference to Plug into Leading Energy Research, March 17

Energy experts will tackle some of today's leading policy and business questions on topics such as cap and trade and renewable energy at the 16th Annual POWER Conference on Energy Research and Policy on March 17 at UC Berkeley's Clark Kerr Campus.

The day-long event features presentations by leading researchers across the country as well as energy professionals from within the industry. Topics covered this year range from the impacts of integrating renewable energy into the California power system to residential customers’ responses to dynamic electricity pricing. Professors Severin Borenstein and Catherine Wolfram, faculty co-directors of the Energy Institute at Haas, organized the event. In addition to the presentations, knowledgeable discussants will provide in-depth analyses of each topic and then the forum will be open to questions from the audience.

About 200 energy researchers and professionals are expected to attend the conference. Sponsors of this year’s conference also cover the spectrum of market participants: state energy regulatory agencies, public and private energy utilities, and private companies new to the energy market.

For more information on the conference, including registration, visit ei.haas.berkeley.edu/power.html.