New Professors Arrive from Around the Globe

Seven scholars are joining the Haas faculty this fall semester, bringing experience from around the world and expertise in the fields of economic analysis and policy, marketing, real estate, and finance.

“Haas has had tremendous success in recruiting, and we are thrilled with the prospect of such wonderful new faculty," says Andrew Rose, associate dean for Academic Affairs and chair of the faculty, "We’re constantly renewing ourselves and the new blood joining us will ensure our strength for years to come.”

Economic Analysis and Policy

Professor Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas comes to Haas with a joint appointment in UC Berkeley’s Department of Economics, which he joined in 2003. He has spent the past two years in Paris as a member of the Conseil d'Analyse Economique and grew up in Montpellier, France.
Research: International macroeconomics and finance.
Awards: Laureate of the 2007 Bernàcer Prize for best European economist working in macroeconomics and finance under the age of 40; 2008 Prix du Meilleur Jeune Economiste for best French economist under the age of 40.
PhD: Economics, MIT.

Assistant Professor Aaron Bodoh-Creed taught at Cornell University’s Department of Economics for the past three years.
Research: Microeconomic theory, industrial organization, finance, behavioral economics; political and organizational economics.
PhD: Economics, Stanford University.



Real Estate

Assistant Professor Amir Kermani, who grew up in Tehran, Iran, will teach Real Estate Finance and Advanced Macroeconomics in the Economics Department.
Research: Macroeconomics and housing, securitization market, political economy.
PhD: Economics, MIT.



Assistant Professor Victor Couture grew up in Quebec City, Canada.
Research: Applied microeconomics, urban economics, and transportation.
PhD: Economics, University of Toronto.




Assistant Professor Yuichiro Kamada, a native of Japan, is an economist specializing in game theory.
Research: Microeconomic theory, political economy, and market design. Kamada was previously a postdoctoral associate at Yale University.
PhD: Economics, Harvard University.




As previously reported, two professors are joining the Finance Group after serving as visiting professors at Haas last year.

Professor Annette Vissing-Jørgensen, who holds the Arno A. Rayner Chair in Finance and Management, comes to Haas from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She will also serve as co-chair of the Haas Finance Group with Prof. Terrance Odean. Her research was recently presented to the Federal Reserve Board at its annual conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo.
Research: Empirical asset pricing and household finance, private equity and entrepreneurship, and disclosure regulation.
Awards: Journal of Finance Brattle Prize.
PhD: Economics, MIT.


Assistant Professor Adair Morse introduced a popular new course called Global Entrepreneurial Finance during the spring semester.
Research: Household finance, entrepreneurship, corruption and governance, and asset management.
Awards: 2013 Best Empirical Finance Paper Award from Wharton Research Data Services; Journal of Finance Brattle Prize.
PhD: Finance, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.