New Case Series to Showcase Faculty Research and Teaching

The Haas School is initiating a new publishing venture for cases written by Haas faculty to promote faculty research, respond to student needs, reinforce the school's core teaching mission, and increase the school's visibility.

The staff of California Management Review (CMR), the school's peer-reviewed management journal, is leading the initiative to expand the Berkeley-Haas brand. CMR has listed on its website a collection of these cases, which can also be obtained through Study.Net. Among others, titles include :

  • Cisco Systems, co-authored by Professor Jenny Chatman 
  • Craigslist, co-authored by Senior Lecturer David Robinson 
  • Cal Rugby Coach Jack Clark's leadership, by Senior Lecturer Holly Schroth 
  • Veridicom, co-authored by Lecturer Naeem Zafar 
  • Webasto, co-authored by Adjunct Professor Henry Chesbrough
Business cases present actual situations of leaders faced with challenges or opportunities that require critical decisions. 
"Building the Berkeley-Haas Case Series is an important step toward expanding awareness of the depth and breadth of research under way by faculty here at our school," says Dean Rich Lyons. "The series also will play an important role in our mission of developing path-bending leaders as we provide real-world cases that examine leadership in action."
In addition, last year, the Financial Times began publishing abbreviated versions of Berkeley-Haas cases, starting with Chatman's Cisco case.
If you are a faculty member interested in writing or submitting a case, please contact Berkeley-Haas Case Series Managing Editor Kora Cypress at [email protected]. Guidelines on writing cases and other information on the case series is available at