Message from Dean Harrison: Condemning racial violence and hate

Dean Ann Harrison
Dean Ann Harrison

I condemn violence and racism in all forms, and specifically the recent, amplified, consistent violence against Black and African-American people in our country.

Although the history of racism in our society is long and horrific, I recognize that we now have more visibility into specific instances—many of them violent.

To those of you who identify as Black or African American, I do not share your lived experience. However, I empathize with the deep emotional toll it likely takes to constantly think about racist violence against your community and of the safety and security of you and your loved ones. We hear you.

To everyone in our Berkeley Haas community, I ask you to deeply question this status quo. We all have agency in our lives and it is up to us all to consider how to educate ourselves, show solidarity, and take action to eradicate racism from our society and institutions.

—Dean Ann Harrison