Media Focus on Haas Curriculum Changes

In May 2010, the Haas School announced plans to revamp the Berkeley MBA curriculum that focus on developing innovative leaders (news release). The revamped curriculum features new required courses, an experiential learning requirement, and coaching to hone team performance skills. The changes emphasize the school’s distinctive culture and defining principles.

The revamped curriculum represents one focus of the Haas School strategic plan. Other strategic priorities include realizing the school’s intellectual future and transforming the Haas campus.

The curriculum changes have received extensive media coverage including:

Wall Street Journal
B-Schools Give Firms Say Amid Tough Jobs Market
Dean Lyons is interviewed in this article on how b-schools are partnering with recruiters to ensure that students are prepared to meet real-world challenges.

Bloomberg Businessweek
For Business Schools, Culture Matters
December 23, 2010
A column by Dean Lyons on why a key first step in creating a different kind of business school graduate is creating a different kind of business school culture.

Dean's Digest
The Alsop Perspective: Defining a School’s Culture Is a Smart Strategic Move
An Interview with Dean Lyons on Haas School Culture.
National Public Radio
On Point
October 13, 2010
Dean Rich Lyons and other top b-school deans discuss the economy and the role of business schools.

San Francisco Chronicle
Recession lesson: Confidence without arrogance
September 12, 2010
An interview with Dean Lyons on teachable moments offered by the financial crisis.

The Economist
The MBA Goes Back to School
September 9, 2010
A blog post by Dean Lyons on the need for path-bending leaders.

Poets & Quants
The Four Guiding Principles of Berkeley’s Haas School of Business (Video)
September 2010
Dean Lyons describes the school’s guiding principles of Question the Status Quo, Confidence without Attitude; Students Always, and Beyond Yourself.

Wall Street Journal
Educating Tomorrow's Ethical Leaders (Video)
August 20, 2010
Dean Lyons on how Berkeley-Haas builds its culture, including through its MBA admissions selection process.

Times of India
Putting some soul into management
July 31, 2010
Dean Lyons is quoted in this story about business schools reflecting on their future course.

Financial Times
Before the curtain falls, three final words (registration required)
July 12, 2010
Dean Lyons and the revamped Berkeley-Haas MBA curriculum are mentioned in Stefan Stern’s final column, which considers management challenges of the future.

Financial Times
California dreamin’
June 21, 2010
Dean Lyons on the Haas focus on path-bending leaders and its efforts to attract a different population to the school.

Dean’s Digest
Five Questions for…Cal Berkeley-Haas Dean Richard Lyons
June 2010
Dean Lyons discusses how Haas has responded to the challenges faced by business schools today in a Q & A with this Graduate Management Admission Council publication/website.

Changing Course: Berkeley is the latest business school to shake up its MBA courses
(registration required)
May 25, 2010
This article quotes Dean Lyons on what sets Berkeley-Haas apart and notes how the revamped curriculum teaches conventional subjects in new ways.

San Francisco Business Times
U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School unveils plan to revamp its curriculum
May 10, 2010
Dean Lyons is quoted on fundamental unsustainablilities in this article that announces Berkeley-Haas curriculum changes.

Wall Street Journal
B-Schools Try Makeover
May 6, 2010
Berkeley-Haas curriculum changes are mentioned in this article on how business schools are responding to a “tense time in management education.”

Bloomberg Businessweek
Haas Launches New MBA Curriculum
May 3
An announcement of the revamped curriculum and its emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking.

Updated Jan. 3, 2011; original article posted May 26, 2010.