MBA Students Raise $47,000 for Nonprofit Internships

Haas for Students, a campaign to raise money for students with nonprofit summer internships, received $47,000 in donations this year, thanks in part to an anonymous donation.

The student-run program helps fund first-year full-time MBA students who participate in nonprofit and public-sector internships. The program asks their classmates with internships in the private sector to donate one day’s summer pay to the campaign.

This year about 50 percent of all first-year MBA students donated, up from 40 percent last year. Student donations combined with an ice-cream social brought in $25,000. A former professor, who asked to remain anonymous, donated $20,000, and corporate and other faculty donations netted an additional $2,000.

Haas for Students is giving 12 students grants, ranging in size from $1,500 to $6,000 and averaging $3,910. The amount per student was determined by a number of factors, including the internship salary, the quality of the application, the number of volunteer hours the applicant had contributed, and evidence of commitment to the sector.

The students receiving grants and the organizations they will be interning for this summer are:

Rachel Curtis: Sustainable Conservation, a San Francisco-based organization that engages private landowners and businesses in conservation efforts.

Jason Dolan and Chris Grapes: Education Pioneers, which trains graduate students to become education leaders by placing them in fellowships in ten U.S. urban areas.

Leigh Fiske: Living Goods, an Avon-style door-to-door network that operates in 20 districts in Uganda selling essential health care items to the poor.

Levi Goertz: REDF, a San Francisco-based organization that helps create jobs for difficult-to-employ workers by supporting organizations that can hire them.

Alyson Madrigan: Endeavor, a New York-based organization that identifies and supports high-impact entrepreneurs in ten nations around the world.

Neha Mehta: LV Prasad Eye Institute/Seva Foundation, which operates a major eye care facility in Hyderabad, India, and 80 health care centers throughout the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Mariya Nomanbhoy: Goodwill Industries, an international organization that provides employment training and operates more than 2,400 retail stores.

Reza Shahcheraghi: Center for Digital Inclusion, which operates 753 technology and civic engagement schools in some of the most impoverished communities in eight Latin American nations.

Sheil Tamboli: Ashoka, an organization that supports the work of more than 2,000 social entrepreneur “fellows” in 60 nations through its 25 regional offices.

Jackie Tay: Embrace Global, a startup nonprofit that fights infant global mortality by distributing infant-warming blankets that help reduce the effects of hypothermia among premature and low-birth-weight babies.

Rosie Wang: Technoserve, an organization that helps entrepreneurial men and women in Latin America, Africa and India build businesses to lift them out of poverty.