MBA Students Meet Oracle of Omaha

Twenty MBA students traveled to Omaha, Nebraska, Friday to gain insights and advice from legendary investor Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.

The full-time and evening-and-weekend Berkeley MBA students, members of the Haas Investment Club, joined six other schools who participated in a two-hour Q&A session with Buffett.

"Not only was Mr. Buffett incredibly insightful, inspiring, and passionate, but also tremendously humorous and humble," Aaron Azelton, MBA 12, the club's co-president, wrote on the Berkeley MBA Student Blog. "For career advice, Mr. Buffett suggested we find whatever it is that makes us most happy and to not let money factor into our decision.
"He recounted accepting one of his first job offers with his hero Benjamin Graham, moving to New York, and only then finding out what the position paid," Azelton added. "He says he 'tap dances to work' every morning and that we should aspire to find careers in which we can do the same."

Before meeting Buffett, the students took a tour of Furniture Mart, one of Buffett's companies. After the Q&A, Buffett took the 140 students out for lunch and posed for pictures.

Berkeleyshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett (center) poses with Berkeley MBA students during their visit with the world-renowned investor.