Haas List

Rich Lyons, BS 82
Rich Lyons, BS 82, on one of his final days as dean, standing before the Defining Leadership Principles etched into the faculty building

Haas Culture

1. Carved in Stone

Our Defining Leadership Principles are now truly embedded into the Berkeley Haas experience. In June, Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, and Beyond Yourself were etched into the Bakar Faculty Building by Cronk Gate. The idea for the display grew out of the culture champions committee and signals the importance of our Defining Leadership Principles to our community. But being carved in stone doesn’t mean our culture is static, says Chief Strategy & Operating Officer Courtney Chandler, MBA 96. “How we view and act on our four Defining Leadership Principles will continue to evolve, and I am confident our distinctive culture will grow even stronger.”

Beyond Yourself

2. Cultivating Bookworms

Patrick Laird, BS 18
Patrick Laird, BS 18, with first grader Patrick Sproul, a fan who sparked the idea for Laird’s summer reading program

After a breakout season as a Cal Bears running back, Patrick Laird, BS 18, had a newfound fan base. So he decided to do something positive with it. Laird, a walk-on who last year rushed for 1,127 yards and eight touchdowns, created the Patrick Laird Summer Reading Challenge to encourage kids in first through sixth grades to read. Laird visited 20 local schools to promote the program, which asks students to download a journal and commit to reading a certain number of books. If successful, they’ll score four free tickets to Cal’s home opener.

EMBA Program

3. World Ranked

The Berkeley MBA for Executives Program ranked #4 in the world, according to the Economist Which MBA? list. More specifically, Haas ranked #1 in terms of the EMBA program helping alumni fulfill their goals, networking, and helpfulness of EMBA alumni. This is the first year our EMBA program has participated in this ranking.


4. Globe-Trotting Hero

Siblings Martina and Phil Seo, MBA 11
Siblings Martina and Phil Seo, MBA 11

Phil Seo, MBA 11, just had the adventure of his life. The North Vancouver native and his sister, Martina Seo, are one of 10 teams competing on The Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition, which began airing in July. The siblings raced around the world completing challenges in hopes of winning $250,000 and other prizes. Each team represents everyday heroes; Seo and his sister were selected for their volunteerism. Together, they’ve logged at least 10,000 hours of community service, much of it helping kids worldwide.