Paul Otellini, MBA 74

Former Intel CEO
Paul Otellini, MBA 74, Former Intel CEOFormer Intel CEO Paul S. Otellini, MBA 74, an innovator who left his mark on the computing industry and inspired a global workforce, died Oct. 2 at his home in Sonoma County. He was 66.

The first non-engineer to lead Santa Clara-based Intel, Otellini guided the semiconductor chip and microprocessor company to new heights from 2005 until his retirement in 2013. During his eight-year tenure as CEO, Otellini grew the company’s sales from $34 billion in 2005 to $53 billion in 2012—more revenue than Intel generated during the company’s previous 45 years. He served in many roles at Intel, including chief of staff to former CEO and co-founder Andy Grove, executive vice president and general manager of the architecture group and of the sales and marketing group, and chief operating officer.

Otellini maintained a lifelong connection with Berkeley Haas, which he said laid the foundation for his success. He served on the Haas School Board from 2002–2003 and he and his wife, Sandy, were early benefactors to the Chou Hall capital fund, giving $1 million to the new building, which opened in August. He was honored as Haas’ Business Leader of the Year in 2006.

Born in San Francisco in 1950, Otellini received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of San Francisco in 1972 before earning his Berkeley MBA. Otellini is survived by his wife, Sandy; mother, Evelyn; son, Patrick; daughter, Alexis; grandchildren, Nico and Mia; and brother, Rev. Msgr. Steven Otellini.

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