Egon von Kaschnitz, MBA 59

Longtime Haas Supporter

Egon von Kaschnitz, MBA 59Egon von Kaschnitz, MBA 59, passed away on November 13, 2015, in his home in Orinda, Calif., following a two-year battle with throat cancer. He was 85. Von Kaschnitz, who also earned a bachelor’s and master’s in economics at Berkeley in 1952 and 1954, respectively, was a longtime supporter of Haas and the university. At Berkeley- Haas, he served as an Advisory B3oard member, Capital Campaign Committee member, and chair of the Center for Financial Reporting and Management, and he established the Joan and Egon von Kaschnitz Distinguished Professor of Accounting and International Business Chair. A classical music lover, von Kaschnitz also sponsored an annual classical music concert for the Berkeley Haas and university communities.

During his career, Von Kaschnitz was a partner at the CPA firm Kimbell, McKenna and von Kaschnitz, LLP. He was also a co-founder and director of the Concord Commercial Bank (now U.S. Bank), and he was CEO of Zierer Visa and Passport Services. Egon is survived by his wife, Joan, daughters Ingrid von Kaschnitz and Karin Porticos, his son-in-law Richard Porticos, and granddaughters, Erica von Kaschnitz and Kaitlyn and Nicole Porticos.

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