Prescott H. Ashe, BS 90

Private equity expert, Haas benefactor

Prescott H. Ashe passed away peacefully on July 23 at his family summer home in Redway, Humboldt County. He was 53.

A native of Marin County, Ashe graduated summa cum laude from Berkeley Haas and was named valedictorian. He was also president of the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. He earned a law degree from Stanford University Law School.

Prescott’s talents for business and finance thrived while with Bain Capital in Boston, after which he co-founded Golden Gate Capital in 2000 in San Francisco and was associated with the firm for nearly 20 years. Other ventures included CEO of Angel Island Capital Services and investment and ownership in many restaurants and wineries, including the establishment of Ashe Vineyards in Oakville, Calif. Colleagues respected not only his professional skills but also his generous mentorship of younger associates. Ashe was also generous toward Berkeley Haas, helping fund the school’s new Chou Hall.

He is survived by a loving and close-knit family including his two sons; mother, Wanda Hansen Ashe; and fiancée, Shabnam Bhaskaran, as well as three siblings, two aunts, an uncle, and numerous nieces and cousins. Read his full obituary.


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