Grant Muir Inman, MBA 69

Berkeley emeritus trustee, VC pioneer

Headshot of Grant Muir Inman.

Grant Muir Inman, 80, a visionary leader and philanthropist, died at home in Orinda, Calif. in June.

After earning his Berkeley MBA, Inman blazed trails in the world of venture capital. Early on, he was a general partner of many VC firms, including Hambrecht & Quist, before co-founding Orinda-based VC firm Inman & Bowman in 1985. He then went on to found Inman Investment Management where he worked until his death.

Inman left an indelible mark on the Cal community, including serving on the Haas School Board and chairing the UC Berkeley Foundation’s Investment Committee, where he helped ensure the university’s long-term financial stability. In recognition of his extraordinary contributions, UCBF honored Inman with both the Wheeler Oak Meritorious Award for leadership in fundraising and its most prestigious honor, the Chancellor’s Award.

Inman also generously donated to numerous schools and programs on campus, including Haas, the College of Engineering, and Cal Athletics. He was named, along with his wife of 56 years, Suanne, a Builder of Berkeley.


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