LinkedIn Ranks Haas #4 in Entrepreneurship

The Haas School was named the fourth most entrepreneurial business school in a ranking by LinkedIn released Sept. 1.

The LinkedIn ranking was created by sifting through more than 120 million public profiles and analyzing tens of thousands of startup founders’ profiles. The top three schools were Stanford, Harvard, and MIT/Sloan.

The survey identified a pool of more than 130,000 entrepreneurs who are founders or co-founders of companies after 2000 that have a LinkedIn company profile and 2 to 200 employees. LinkedIn excluded small law, consulting, and real estate firms.

The survey also found that 65 percent of the entrepreneurs are at least 30 years old and spent an average 2.5 years in their previous job before working at their first startup. Founders are disproportionately connected to venture capitalists, bloggers, and recruiters, the LinkedIn analysis also showed.

The MBA website Poets & Quants noted that “LinkedIn has produced the ideal ‘put up or shut up’ analysis” by ranking schools based on having produced actual startup entrepreneurs.

In comparison, the Haas School was ranked the sixth best MBA program for entrepreneurship in U.S. News & World Report in 2011. Haas chose not to participate in the Princeton Review survey.

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