Laura Tyson to Interview former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, May 29

The Haas community is invited to an event featuring former U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner reflecting on the financial crises in a conversation with Professor Laura Tyson May 29 in San Francisco.

The event shares the same title as Geithner’s new book, Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises. In the book, Geithner, who served as treasury Secretary from 2009 to 2013, provides a definitive account of the unprecedented effort to save the U.S. economy from collapse in the wake of the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Tyson is a former chair of the U.S. President’s Council of Economic Advisers under President Bill Clinton and formerly served as dean of the Haas School.

The event will begin at 7 p.m. May 29 at Congregation Emanu-El, 2 Lake St., San Francisco. As a community partner of the event, Haas is offering a special discount to students, faculty, staff, and alumni who wish to attend. Using the discount code HAAS25 will allow members of the Haas community to pay $25 for an orchestra seat (typically $55), which includes a free copy of Geithner’s book (a $30 value).

For more information about the event and to buy tickets, visit