Latin American Magazine Ranks MBA Programs

The Haas School placed #24 in the world and #14 among U.S. schools in a ranking of MBA programs for Latin American students, published by AméricaEconomía magazine in May.

Last year, Haas ranked #21 in the world and #12 among U.S. schools in the same ranking.

The ranking is based on the following factors:

  • 30% Admissions selectivity (GMAT 70%, rate of acceptance 20%, 10% other entrance requirements)
  • 20% Faculty with PhD degrees
  • 5% School connections in Latin America, such as partnerships or programs taught there
  • 25% Prestige in Latin America, according to a survey of AméricaEconomía readers
  • 20% Salary: based 30% on the post-MBA salary and 70% on the pre-MBA to post-MBA salary increase. AméricaEconomía arrives at the post-MBA salary by adjusting the salaries reported by schools according to input from corporate headhunters and recruiters in Latin America.

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