Job Offers Up, Opportunities Diverse for MBA Class of 2010

Deloitte Consulting, Amazon, and McKinsey & Co. were the top three firms to hire 2010 full-time Berkeley MBA graduates, who joined 115 different organizations in 18 countries.

Ninety percent of the class received job offers within three months of graduation, compared to 85 percent last year. Among the students receiving offers in that time, 87 percent accepted positions. The mean base starting salary for the class is $107,451. The average signing bonus increased to $22,140 this year from $20,596 last year.

“The class of 2010 fared very well during a challenging job market,” says Abby Scott, executive director of MBA Career Services. “After a limited fall recruiting season in 2009, employers increased their hiring on campus during the spring semester of 2010. They turned to MBA campuses to fill open roles in their organizations, resulting in an overall increase in job opportunities year over year.”

This fall, on-campus recruiting is tracking ahead of last year, with 38 percent more opportunities for Berkeley-Haas students.

A number of consulting firms are among the top employers, with Boston Consulting Group joining Deloitte and McKinsey on that list. Twenty-four percent of the class went to work in the consulting industry, although a larger portion of the class–28 percent–is doing consulting work as a job function in non-consulting companies.

Twenty-two percent of graduates are working in a marketing function, which could be in a range of different industries, such as technology or consumer products.

Energy firms also are well represented among top hiring companies, including SunPower, Bloom Energy, Chevron, and PG&E.  The number of Berkeley MBA graduates entering the energy and cleantech space has grown to represent 11 percent of the class overall.

Thirty-one percent of the class is working in the technology sector and 12 percent of the class went to work in financial services. Other top hiring firms are Yahoo!, Apple, Del Monte, Google, HP, and Samsung.

“The students from the MBA class of 2010 are entering the marketplace during a time of change and continued uncertainty," Scott says. "There is a tremendous opportunity for them to make an impact on their organizations as they settle into their roles and dig in to tackle strategic business challenges.”

Meanwhile, recruiting for summer internships was up significantly. The top hiring companies were Apple, Genentech, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, Facebook, Bain, Deloitte Consulting, Novartis, Bloom Energy, McKesson, Parnassus Investments, SunPower, and Yahoo! Industry-focused account managers are busy securing employers for summer internship interviews, and they are optimistic that it will be a strong spring recruiting season based on demand so far.