Haas Events | Spring 2021

East Bay Chapter Castle Rock Hike

Susan Rockwood, MBA 89; Frank Rockwood, MBA 93; Charmaine Clay, MBA 89; Vasanth Matamudra, MBA 10; Diane Jakubowski, MBA 83; Pat Kirscher, BS 76; Elizabeth Roberts, MBA 91; Carol Diamantine, BS 72; Ted Clement; Jinwei Zhang, MBA 19; and Salvatore Gallo.
East Bay Chapter Castle Rock Hike

East Bay, CA

Taipei Chapter’s End-of-Year Dinner

Alumni gathered in Taiwan, where in-person events are allowed.

Taipei, Taiwan

UK Chapter Event—The Future of Our Cities

Chapter Co-Presidents Peter Zarand, MBA 06, and Paul Callaghan, MBA 81, hosted a discussion on accelerating trends and how they will shape our cities, investments, and the way we live and work.
UK Chapter Event The Future of Our Cities

United Kingdom

Shanghai Chapter Gathering 

Alumni and students gathered in China, where in-person events are allowed. From front row to back: Bing Zhang, MBA 20; Yin Zhu, BS 11; Aileen Lu, MBA 22; Beixuan Jiang, MBA 21; Ran (Zane) Zhang, student; Eric Mao, MBA 04; Leonard Zhang, MBA 04; Freeman Ding, MBA 11; Ethan Chen, BS 21; Scarlett Chen, MBA 20, with her boyfriend; Jiaqi Song, student; Xumin Hu, BS 12; Sophie He, student; David Sui, BS 17; Joanna Guo, MBA 18; Martin Ma, MBA 17; and Nan Duan, MBA 11.
Shanghai Chapter Gathering

Shanghai, China

Taipei Chapter’s Whiskey Tasting Event

Tony Wu, MBA 23; Andrea Chang, MBA 20; Jessica Sun, BS 05; Charles Pan, MBA 08; Cathy Hwang, BS 08; Ashley Wang, MBA 09; guest; Edward Lo, MBA 97; Josephine Chiu, MBA 89; Mitch Lee, MBA 04; Waverly Chou, MBA 04; Amy Hung, MBA 14; Andy Chen, MBA 21; & Vince Lu, MBA 03.
Taipei Chapter Whiskey Tasting Event

Taipei, Taiwan

Haas Family Christmas Gathering 

A celebration at Blue Frog Restaurant on Dec. 26.
Shanghai Haas Family Christmas Gathering 

Shanghai, China

Cultivating Joy: A Black History Month Wellness Event

A workshop with Host Kenny Vaughn, MBA 16 (center), and Executive Coach Stephanie Fujii, MBA 04 (right), addressing the challenges of uncertainty and the importance of cultivating joy. Seneca Vaughn (left), East Asian medicine practitioner, shared wellness tips. Presented by the Black Alumni@Haas Network.
Cultivating Joy A Black History Month Wellness Event