Haas Events | Fall/Winter 2020

East Bay Chapter Bay Area Ridge Trail Hike

Pat Kirscher, BS 76.
Pat Kirscher, BS 76

East Bay

East Bay Chapter Bay Area Ridge Trail Hike

From left: Carol Diamantine, BA 72 (phys. ed.); Pat Kirscher, BS 76; George McLaughlin, MBA 83; Frank Rockwood, MBA 93; Vivek Vig, MBA 19; Sandra Stumbaugh, MBA 93; Jinwei Zhang, EMBA 19; Tenny Frost, exec. dir., Haas Development & Alumni Relations; Susan Rockwood, MBA 89; and Salvatore Gallo.

East Bay

Welcome Event

The Shanghai Chapter arranged a virtual welcome for 40+ Haas Chinese admits, students, and new alumni with Chinese alumni worldwide. Large photo: Shuhong Ye, MBA 05 (China & Hong Kong). Small photos: Freeman Ding, MBA 11, president, Shanghai Chapter; Coco Kee, MBA 02 (NY); Ann Hsu, MBA 98 (Bay Area); Jack Duan, MBA 06 (Bay Area); and Faye Ning, MBA 23.

Shanghai China

East Bay Chapter Mission Peak Hike

From left: Sydney Pon, BA 21 (sociology); Andrew Pon; Lawrence Pon, BS 85; Tracie Pon; Dhaval N. Shah, MBA 02; Frank Rockwood, MBA 93; Susan Rockwood, MBA 89; Annie Chan, MBA 99; Dave Chan; Charmaine Clay, MBA 89; and Scott Willis.
East Bay Chapter hikers out for the day.

East Bay

Taipei Chapter Gathering

Members of the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network Taipei Chapter, gathering after COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions were lifted. The island was quick to contain the virus.

Taipei, Taiwan

UK Chapter Zoom Event: Developing Your Power and Influence Masterclass

Presenter Connson Locke, MS 07, PhD 08, a professorial lecturer at The London School of Economics and Political Science.

United Kingdom

L.A. Chapter Food Bank Volunteering

Evan Santiago, BS 14; Shirin Nataneli; Toby Anderson, BS 02; David Hudgins; Michael Thomas, MBA 08; and Jaclyn Grant, MSW 11 (social welfare).

Los Angeles

Nashville Happy Hour

From left: Claire Li, BA 04 (political economy); Joey Newell, BS 97; Amy Cheng, MBA 03; Chris Woodruff, MBA 96; and David Zilberman, BCEMBA 11.


NY Alumni Chapter Event—Leadership is Love: The Power of Human Connection

Top row: Presenter Mark Rittenberg, Haas lecturer; Amelia Kusar, MBA 18; Hazel Zambrano, BS 12, Berkeley Haas’ associate director of alumni communities; Jeannette Gerber, BS 89. Second row: Meili Hau, EMBA 19; Pulkit Agrawal, MBA 23; Raj Muhar, BS 16; Kalyan Pentapalli, MBA 18. Third row: Kriya Chantalat, EMBA 16; Samvel Mkhsiyan, BS 16; Brian O’Sullivan, MBA 11; Judy Chou, BS 96. Bottom row: Cathy Han, BS 01; Caitlyn Kuan, BA 98 (legal studies); Martin Szczepanik, MBA 18.

New York