Haas Undergrad Writes Advice Book for Law School Hopefuls

Michael Bloch, BS 13, was considering a career in law. Make that carefully considering. Wanting to make the most informed decision possible about choosing to go to law school, the Haas undergrad sought the advice of seasoned attorneys—including former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, a UC Berkeley distinguished visiting professor, and former SEC Chairman David Ruder. Bloch then turned what he’d learned into the new book Learning From Precedent to guide others through the same decision-making process.

Aimed at high school and college students wondering if law school is right for them, Learning From Precedent provides a look at the diverse pathways open to law school graduates.  Bloch’s interviews focus on how a law degree shaped the careers of such lawyers as sports agent Leigh Steinberg, the inspiration for Jerry Maguire; ACLU President Susan Herman; and James McPherson, judge advocate general of the Navy.

“The Haas defining principle of Beyond Yourself served as motivation for writing,” Bloch says of the book. In addition to donating 10 percent of book sales to charity, Bloch wanted to “provide other students with necessary information they might not be able to get themselves.”

Bloch has been debating whether to apply to law school since he began his studies at UC Berkeley. His decision to apply to Haas was an easier one, thanks to the experiences of older sister Doreen Bloch, BS 10. “She told me about the people she was meeting, the opportunities made available to her, and the overall incredible experience there was to be had─I knew I wanted to be a part of it all,” says Bloch.

As for Bloch's future, the verdict is in: He plans to apply to JD/MBA programs following his undergraduate studies and become a management consultant in New York City. He hopes Learning From Precedent similarly helps fellow prospective law students “find clarity on their future careers and whether law school is indeed right for their life aspirations.”